Auroras Decima CD measurement system receives CE certification

Auroras Decima CD measurement system receives CE certification

North Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada), 14. November 2013. ACT Aurora Control Technologies Corp. („Aurora“) is pleased to announce, that his dopant measurement system Decima ™ has received CD after extensive internal and independent testing, the CE certification and thus all the directives of the European Union („EU“) corresponds, such as those concerning safety, Health, electrical safety and environmental protection. Thus, Decima CD in Europe and a number of other markets, recognize the certification, are marketed and sold.

"The CE marking certifies the compliance with the EU legislation regarding the trading of one product and allows the free movement within the European market", soft Steve Blaine, Vice President of Engineering von Aurora. "This is of great importance, as we build relationships with a number of European producers of photovoltaic accessories. Furthermore, the CE certification is an important milestone for compliance with the local regulations in many other countries, Aurora in which markets its products. Now, we have received this certification, we are in a favorable situation, to develop our commercial development in the photovoltaic industry.

Aurora is also pleased to announce, that as part of its funding from 4. November 2011 1.804.444 Warrants were exercised (Net income from 812.000 $). In addition were 150.000 Broker warrants exercised (additional revenue of 45.000 $), bringing the total revenue from the exercise of warrants now to about 857.000 $ amount. The Company would like to thank its shareholders for the continued support.

About Aurora:

ACT Aurora Control Technologies Corp. developed, manufactures and distributes inline measuring systems for the photovoltaic sector. The Company, which is headquartered in North Vancouver (Canada) has, was by leading experts in the measurement, Established semiconductor technology and automation technology. The products on-line real-time measurement and control technology manufacturers of photovoltaic cells offer the possibility, to reduce production costs and increase profitability. The Company's shares trade on the TSX Venture Exchange under the symbol “ACU” traded.

More information is available on the Aurora site

For more information, contact:

ACT Aurora Control Technologies Corp.
Gordon Deans, P.Eng.
President & CEO
ACT Aurora Control Technologies Corp.
Such: +1 (778) 241‐5000

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