Aurcana Announces Production Results for the 3. Quarter

Aurcana Announces Production Results for the 3. Quarter

Vancouver, British Columbia, 21. October 2013- Aurcana Corporation ("Aurcana" or the "Company") (TSXV: EVEN, OTCQX: AUNFF) gives its production results for the 3. Quarter 2013 known.


• The total output of silver equivalents amounted to 3. Quarter 2013 about 748.294 Oz, what about an increase 4 % to 718.063 Ounces 3. Quarter 2012 corresponds.

• The amount of ore was processed in 3. Quarter 2013 about 221.118 Tons, what about an increase 12 % compared to the in 3. Quarter 2012 generated amount of 196.843 Tons of equivalent.

• The amount of ore was mined in the 3. Quarter 2013 about 207.458 Tons, what about an increase 6 % compared to the same quarter in 2012 generated amount of 196.401 Tons of equivalent.

• The total output of silver equivalents amounted in the first 9 Months of the year 2013 about 2.158.858 Oz, which is an increase of 14 % towards the delivery of 1.899.280 Silver equivalent ounces in the same period of the previous year.

• The total amount of ore was processed in the first 9 Months of the year 2013 about 626.586 Tons, what about an increase 24 % towards the 504.005 Equivalent tons of ore processed in the same period of the previous year.

• The total amount of ore was mined in the first 9 Months of the year 2013 about 656.988 Tons, what about an increase 39 % towards the 472.557 Equivalent tons of mined ore in the same period of the previous year.

Current situation in the La Negra Mine

In the 3. Quarter 2013 were average in operating La Negra 2.622 Processed tons per day (t/d). The lower than expected throughput rate for the quarter is to machine failures and unusually heavy rainfall, have hampered mining operations, back.

During the quarter were at La Negra especially the more accessible high-grade copper- machined and zinc zones, what greater yields with copper- and had the effect of zinc concentrate. This also had the existing copper- be retrofitted and zinc filter presses. There have already been major new filter presses for copper- ordered and zinc concentrate, in the 4. Quarter 2013 should be put into operation.

Because of these improvements and the planned repairs of plant parts should be available from the 1. Quarter 2014 higher long-term production rates of around 3.000 Tons per day can be. In the meantime, the throughput rate is the 4. Quarter 2013 expected at approximately 2.200 Settle tons per day.

The development work at the mine continued during the quarter with the aim of, to open new areas and to achieve sustained higher production rates in the future as. As a result, a larger ore portion was recovered from the circulation zones, which has led to a greater dilution. The maximum level of the processed ore in the quarter was therefore well below the historical average. For 2014 is planned, penetrate the mineralized zones with higher silver values ​​in the upper portions of the lead La Negra. This Erzschächte and ventilation systems need to be built, whose construction after delivery of the necessary drilling equipment in 1. Quarter 2014 starting.

Current Situation in der Mine Shafter

Upon successful completion of the 50 $ Million funding in September 2013 is done on the necessary improvements in operating Shafter, the capacity as scheduled on 1.500 Tonnen pro Tag im 2. Quarter 2014 to increase.

Aurcana has so far achieved the following progress:

• Two new filter presses for processing residues with a filtering capacity of up to 1.500 Tons per day were built and are now operating as planned.

• Three new filter presses for precipitants were also built, is currently in the commissioning of the refinery instead.

• A new, tailored to the needs of local retort furnace is expected in December 2013 delivered.

• The development of day with the assistance of a contractor is progressing.

• Currently, a counter current decantation system (CCD) built, which is expected in 2. Quarter 2014 is completed.

• New employees are continuously adjusted, to the staff to expand with higher-skilled workers.

About Aurcana Corporation

Aurcana Corporation is a primary silver producer with two mining operations, La Negra and Shafter in Mexico in the State of Texas. The company is well positioned with its existing mining operations, to grow organically and to become a senior silver producer.

About the Company

The Company's shares are traded in the United States in the OTCQX under the symbol "AUNFD". Investors will find the current financial data and the performance of the company in real time Level 2 chart on and

"Hellenic Rodriguez"
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Press Release, 13-32

This press release contains certain forward-looking statements. This includes statements on the throughput rates in the companies La Negra and Shafter, the retrofits and repairs in the projects La Negra and Shafter, the possible mineralization, and exploration results, the future plans and objectives as well as to business and anticipated financial performance of the company. These statements are forward-looking statements, that involve various risks and uncertainties. These forward-looking statements include statements about the mining and processing of mined ore, achieving planned recoveries, Production rates and mine life, Operating efficiency, Costs and expenses, Changes in mineral resources and conversion of resources to proven and probable reserves, and other information, the future with regard to operational forecasts- or financial results are based on estimates and are not determinable by management and approved figures. The estimates of future throughput processors in the La Negra and Shafter are based on the following factors and assumptions: (i) that the mine development and successful intersected ore zones suspected deliver the required for the processing plant Beaufschlagungsmenge; (ii) that the necessary machinery and plant components are available or. the necessary repairs are carried out, to the scheduled maturities for utilization of the production operation to ensure; (iii) that there are no catastrophic machine failures; (iv) that there are no bottlenecks or failures in the power supply; (in) that in obtaining, during the installation and commissioning of plant parts, which are necessary for the planned production quotas, are no delays; and (we) that the required number can be set on qualified and experienced staff and is permanently available.

Exploration Results, which results from geophysical surveys, Include sampling and drill results on wide spacings, are not necessarily an indication of the existence of a mineral deposit. Such results are not a guarantee, that the activities identified in the future ore grades, Continuities, metallurgical characteristics and economic potential to be sufficient, to make a classification in mineral resources. Resources, which are classified as inferred or indicated resource, are subject to great uncertainty as to their existence and economic and legal feasibility. It should not be assumed, that inferred or indicated resource, or any part of, will ever be upgraded to a higher resource category. Investors should not assume, that all mineral deposits in these categories, or any part of, will ever be converted into proven and probable reserves.

Testify, which explicitly or implicitly on projections, Expectations, Assumptions, Plans, Objectives, Assumptions or future events or performance related (often, but not always, by words or phrases such as "expects" or "does not expect", "Expected", "Anticipates" or "does not expect", „plant“, "Estimates", Be expressed by means of statements "intended" to be described or, state that certain events or results "may", "Might" or "will"), are not historical fact and may "forward-looking statements". Forward-looking statements involve a number of risks and uncertainties, which could cause, that could cause actual events or results to differ materially from those, projected in forward-looking statements.

Actual results may differ materially from the results, The forward-looking statements contained in the. Important factors, could differ materially from the Company's expectations, are inter alia: Risks related to international operations, Failures in the exploration, the provision of the equipment by the supplier, the availability of skilled labor, Conclusions based on economic analysis, Changes in project parameters as part of the detailed planning, a change in metal prices, Changes in financing mineral exploration- & Development activities, unexpected personnel changes in the company's leadership and the general economic situation. Investors and others should, if they base their decisions on forward looking statements, consider the foregoing factors and other uncertainties and sufficiently such forward-looking statements have placed undue reliance. The Company does not intend, to update any forward-looking statements, or by the company itself. or on behalf of the company in oral. writing was placed, unless, This is required by applicable securities laws. Readers are therefore advised, that they should not rely on forward-looking statements without reservation.

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