Aroway Energy Inc. continues its successful drilling activity in Kirkpatrick Lake



Calgary, Alberta, 19. December 2013 – AROWAY ENERGY INC. (TSX-V: ARW) (OTCQX: ARWJF) ( (the "Company") is pleased, to report on the current status of recent oil drilling in Kirkpatrick Lake in central Alberta, Canada. The hole was in a vertical depth of total 1.130 Drilled meters as Ellerslie oil drilling. With the equipment work has already begun. Currently, a pumping device is installed, then the connection of the hole is made at our newly discovered oil reservoir and it is started with the promotion. Production rates from this hole will be announced, once the funding has leveled off at a stable level.

Chris Cooper, President & CEO von Aroway Energy, to: "We have high expectations of this hole and believe, that as high a flow as in our productive oil well in Kirkpatrick Lake can be obtained here. We are currently working, completely design the hole, to connect and start as soon as possible with the promotion. So we can open up the third quarter with an additional oil production and a significant increase in oil revenues.”

This hole is the second successful drilling in Aroways heartland Kirkpatrick Lake, where the company operates as the sole owner and operator.


Aroway Energy Inc. is a company based in Western Canada Junior oil production- and exploration companies, the completion of development of oil- and oil exploration projects in the provinces of Alberta and Saskatchewan is involved. Aroway is the owner and operator of an economically very profitable heavy oil project in Western Hazel (Saskatchewan) and also holds a working interest 100 % to a light oil project in Kirkpatrick Lake in central Alberta. As part of a joint venture Aroway holds a 50 %carried interest in a project in the Peace River Arch to the north of the province of Alberta, from the 90 Units (57.600 Acres of land) exists and has been explored almost entirely by 3D seismic surveys.


„Chris Cooper“
President & CEO

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