Analyzes and reviews of rare earths, rare metals and isotopes

Dusseldorf 21.06.2013 – Das Deutsche Institute for Rare earth und Metalle aus Düsseldorf kann seinen Kunden nun auch das komplette Spektrum an Analysen für die verschiedensten Elemente aus den Bereichen der seltenen Erden, offer the rare metals and stable isotopes.

ISE-Logo-klein-hsThe strong cooperation with its partners of the Institute goes far beyond the very common method of mass spectrometry. Among the offered methods: Analysis of nitrosamines, Chemical characteristics, Chromatography, Elementanalytik, Gelchromatographie, LC/MS-, GC / MS Kopplung, Mass spectrometry, Micro gas chromatography, Microscopy, NMR Spectroscopy, Ecotoxicological test material, Optical Spectroscopy, Physico-chemical parameters (GLP), Physical methods and X-ray diffraction.

Mit diesem breit gefächerten Analysespektrum ist das Institut für Rare earth and metals nicht nur in der Lage die Seltenen Erden und alle strategischen Metalle bis auf das kleinste vorhandene Element zu analysieren, but also exotic isotopes can be determined according to the customer's. Each analysis is of course performed according to ISO standards and certified according to.

Additional services include a pick-up service, the seals of the analyzed goods and the gram-accurate weighing of goods. At the request of the partner institution for rare earths and metals can take over the logistics, including the storage.

Reviews of rare earth metals and

Rare earth and metals, and the numerous stable isotopes have no fixed trade price, is listed on a stock exchange or another central location. The Düsseldorf Institute determined using a representative survey of the price of every commodity in the field of rare earths and metals. Such assessment can be happy at the email be commissioned.

In order to determine a market price depending on the requested product sheets to interview numerous companies in the production, Trade, Consumer, Universities and institutes sent. The average price of the returned results, according to market requests a representative price of a commodity. To determine a price is a current analysis and an inventory of the goods needed proof.

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