Altona Mining: Rekordproduktion auf Outokumpu, Raised predictions, Increased reserves

Rekordproduktion auf Outokumpu, Raised predictions, Increased reserves


Copper in concentrate 2.677 Tons

Gold in concentrate 2.934 Oz

Copper equivalent 3.381 Tons

C1 operating costs 1,37 USD / pound copper abbaufähigem

• Production - Tthe copper production in the September quarter on the Outokumpu project was a record and the result was excellent C1 operating cost of only 1,37 USD / pound copper abbaufähigem.

• increased reserves - The degradation could be replaced and the reserves now stand at about 7 Years. Part of this good result is the excellent drilling results in the gap area with eg. 29 m @ 4,7% copper.

• predictions raised - The predictions of annual production for FY2014 were on 8.000-8.800 t of copper and 8.400-9.200 Raised ounces of gold. The C1 operating costs were on 1,60-1,75 Lowered USD / pound.

• Cash flow from operations - Operating cash inflows from the operation was 2,9 My. AUD after expenses.

• Barmittel – 25,7 My. AUD plus trade of 9,6 My. Give a total of AUD 35,3 My. AUD.

• Outokumpu holes - Several drill intersections were visible suldifische ore grades, coming from the extension drilling at the mine Kylylahti. Assay results are expected shortly.

• Roseby search partnership - It was an exploration- Joint Venture mit Chinalco Yunnan Copper Resources Ltd. be completed. The JV covers the southern land on Roseby, Altona what now leaves enough room, to focus on Little Eva and the surrounding Altlagerexplorationsgebiete.

Discussions with various parties continue, for sale by Little Eva, to finance or engage in a partnership.

• Full year profit - Announcement of the first full year's profit of 12,6 My. AUD after tax.

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Altona Mining Limited (ASX: AOH) is an international base metals producer and focuses on copper.

Two main deposits:

The Outokumpu project is located in the southeast of Finland and includes an underground mine and processing plant. Production started in 2012 and is on average 8.000 t p.a. copper, 8.400 Unzen Gold p.a. in the 1.600 t p.a. Zinc.

Das Roseby Copper Project naked Mt. Isa in Queensland contains a resource of 1,52 My. t of copper and 0,38 My. Ounces of gold. A Definitive Feasibility Study is a copper-gold mine 7 My. t p.a. Annual capacity in mining and Konzantrator on Little Eva ago.

Outputs. Shares: 532.184.704

Outputs. Options: 1.000.000

Outputs. Share rights: 14.015.749

Cash and cash equivalents: 25,7 My. AUD

Market capitalization at
15 Cents / ACTS 80 My. AUD

Altona Mining Limited

ACN: 090 468 018
Ground Floor, 1 Altona Street
West Perth
Western Australia 6005

T: +61 8 9485 2929

Frankfurt: A2O
Oslo: ALTM

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