Alexander Nubia Announces level of deposits on Abu zawal and Fatiri concession in Egypt


Alexander Nubia Announces level of deposits on Abu zawal and Fatiri concession in Egypt

21. January 2014, Toronto, Ontario. Alexander Nubia International Inc.. (TSX-V: ON) on the VMS, Base and precious metals-focused companies in Egypt would be, the results of a large-scale sampling and a card program from the Abu zawal deposit, a former producing gold mine at the southern end of the concession Fatiri, announce. The Fatiri concession is part of the 2.772 km2 land package of the company in the Egyptian desert (see Figure 1).


• Significant mineralization occurs sporadically in a range of 1,3 km x 1,3 km before with numerous broken mineralized felsic vents which can be up to several meters thick mainly to north-south and are falling at an angle of 15-25 Tend degrees and west.

• 64 Anomalies (>100 ppb Gold) Channel- taken and chip samples from the underground main area, 30 further mainly narrow access tunnel and 29 old trenches over widths of 1,5-2 m and grab samples of mainly weathered rock dike- arrested and quartz veins at the surface, provided average 1,97 g / t gold with a maximum value of 15,3 g/t Gold.

• 33 Stockpile samples yielded an average value of 1,86 g/t Gold.

• 2 Samples from Abraumerz provided an average value of 2,60 g/t Gold. The gold values ​​in the tailings are consistent with higher-grade results in the rock dikes of historical production

• The results mainly from weathered rock dikes, indicating, that this is a broad approach exploration target with potential for widespread gold in felsic stocks but also in the dikes.

Chief Executive Officer, Alexander Massoud soft, "We are delighted with the results of our Abu zawal deposit. A particular aspect is, that in the past 90 Years has never been a systematic modern exploration or. These preliminary results are very encouraging and our interpretation, as this is the presence of a moderate, suggesting larger mineralized zone, greater than originally thought. "

VP Exploration, Dr. John Payne kommentierte, "These findings of Abu zawal deposit increase the potential and prospectivity of Alexander Nubia's land package. The deposit is near the Abu Marawat copper-gold deposit and the Hamama VMS deposit. "Dr. Payne further stated, "The primary focus of the company is still on the exciting Hamama VMS deposit, whose main VMS horizon has a strike length of three kilometers and a world-class VMS deposit in the Arabic-Nubian Shield is similar to the Bisha deposit in Eritrea, controlled by Nevsun Resources (1,2 Kilometer strike length) Hassai or in the possession of Weather II Fund (formerly La Mancha 2,5 Km strike length). The Bohr- and abrasions results indicate the discovery of a significant gold and silver oxidized cap and a zinc-gold-containing zone towards distributed gold- and silver mineralization in a strong weathered foot wall, which suggests a significant VMS system.”

Table 1: Abu zawal selected significant results

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Detailed results of the samples under:

Detailed Description

The Abu zawal deposit can be reached from Cairo with a daily flight to Hurghada. Then it goes south on an asphalt highway towards the port city of Safaga on the Red Sea, then west along the highway 44 bis Km 40, Northwest and then south-west along the newly built highways Sohag direction along the Nile, and finally 2 km east along the flat desert road (Figure 2). The desert road provides easy access to many parts of the deposit and the Fatiri concession.

Figure 1. Location map of the concession Fatiri

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In Abu zawal of the Pharaohs and Romans was also removed during the time. In the years 1902-1905 exploited the Fatiri Exploration Company, the deposit in shallow areas along various sub-parallel felsic dikes and processed locally. Although the ruins of the mill and the camps are witnesses of these activities, is the size of the spoil a sign, that only a rather small production took place. Based on records of the head grade of the EMRA according to a report from the year 1968 of Kochin & Bassyuni that an estimated 25.000 to 30.000 Tons to Fatiri were processed with the authors but the high reported levels of 15,5 g / t Au as too high into question. Although grave samples contain high grade Kupferoxidmineralisierungen, coming from the underground mining, no copper production was recorded. Der Abu Zawal Bereich wurde von der Egyptian Mining and Prospecting Company 1957 and the Egyptian Geological Survey (EGSMA, now EMRA) 1975-1977 reassessed.

The geology of the Fatiri concession was compiled by the EMRA and shows old rock as part of an ophiolite sequence of meta-volcanic rocks and mudstone (Shadli Gruppe), which have penetrated into a series of granitoid batholiths. This rock is unkonförmige late Proterozoic lime-alkaline, superimposed andesitic and rhiolitisches Volcanic rock and vulkanolastisches (Dohkan group) with a number of associated sedimentary units (Hammamat Group). These were attracted by synchroinsche spätmafisches intrusions and lime-alkaline granitic body. (Monzonit und Monzodiorit). Feinverwachsende alkaline dykes, Intrusivlager and sticks as well as penetrate into the older rock.

Figure 2. Abu Zawal Geology

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In Abu zawal hypabyssalisch felsic dikes are gold mineralization in a flat extending sloping westward late Precambrian with a thickness of up to 2,5 m vor, turn in old meta-andesitic, meta-argillic and granodioritic formations penetrated (see Figure. 2). The known mineralization is focused on two different areas: One with a surface area of 400 x 400 m (Ost-Zone) and one with 400 x 150 m (West Zone). Gold mineralization occur in hydrothermal weathered felsic dykes, which are wound by quartz veins and mainly occur in a split basic form at the top of the dike. Sekundäre Kupferoxide, Goethite and hematite are common. Some of these veins are everywhere and evt in conjunction. genetically with several large monzonitic to monzodioritischen veins, Sticks and grafting, and some of them are moderately weathered, comparable to silicate weathering of the mineralized main zones. In the Eastern zone Grnodiorit dominates the bedrock, where in the Western zone they are dominated by steeply dipping metasedimentary rocks and metavulkanisches. Volcanic rock was traversed by monzodiorite to monzonitischem rock and Intrusivlagern. AAN carried out a detailed geological mapping and sampling lithogeochemistry (425 Hanfproben, Chip samples and trial pits) and has accurately all occurrences, Excavations, Located test pits and Untertagarbeiten. With each remarkable historical excavation were two vertical samples each 3 m Long genommen, transverse to the heavily weathered and quartz venigen felsic dykes, harboring most of mineralization on the property. Numerous samples from the various mine dumps were taken near the shafts (Maybe rejected handpicked material from mined rock) and two mine dumps of the abandoned mill.

Most underground work, Ditches and heaps contain exceptional gold values. The average of eight channel samples underground revealed 7,34 /t gold with a maximum value of 16,9 g/t Gold. The best test of the surface showed 8,85 g / t Au from 64 Surface samples with gold grades higher than 0,1 g/T Au. Halden and Abfallerze delivered a number of significant gold values ​​with the highest value of Halden 20,1 g / t Au and the highest Abfallerzwert was 4,41 g/t Gold. The gold values ​​in the tailings are constant with higher grade results in the felsic dike of historic production. Various samples grave, taken from piles in the vicinity of the entrance to the mine, contained about 300 ppm Kupfer, with a maximum value of 4.370 ppm Kupfer. The silver values ​​are consistently low. With small Außnahmen of granodioritic and metamorphic wall rocks and mafic dykes, contain no gold. Detailed gold values ​​of the different samples of Abu zawal can be found in the appendix.

Positive results indicate a potentially broad zone of a gold-bearing mineralization, within a period of weathered rock, including des Monozonit Stocks, which frequently occurs in the western zone near the granodiorite meta-volcanic contact, which occur most abundant in the western zone near the granodioritic / metavolcanic contact, which defines the boundary of the West and East Zone.

The next phase of exploration drilling program is a six to eight diamond drill holes have each hole has a length of 50-200 m will have along the presumed reduction of the main rock dike in the eastern zone close to the main underground tunnel and to test two similar diamond to the downwardly extending continuation of the rock dike in the western zone.

Qualifizierte Person

The technical information contained herein this press release were prepared or reviewed by John Payne, under the direct supervision (P.Geo.), Alexander Nubia Inc..'s Vice President. Dr. Payne ist eine qualifizierte Person gemäß dem National Instrument 43‐101 Standards of Disclosure for Mineral Projects ("NI 43-101").

Alexander Nubia maintains a preparation plant where the cores are cut with a diamond saw into two equal halves on its premises. One half remains permanently in the box and is stored on the premises. The other half with ca. 2 Kg weight is ground specifically in minus 5 mm and rippled chips with 500 g. There are 500 g sample is halved. One half goes to the Egyptian Mineral Resource Authority for storage and the other half is sent for analysis to ALS Minerals laboratory in Romania. ALS Minerals is an internationally recognized and accredited analytical company. AS pulverized the entire sample to homogenize these and then takes a single sample-ton section (as. 30 g) for gold analysis of an atomic absorption follows with a degree from the industry's leading fire sampling technique. In addition, take samples with 5-10 g for Ag-Cu-Zn analysis by atomic absorption after you have let this lie in a water solution. The copper values ​​are >10.000 ppm, Zinc at >10.000 ppm and silver at >100 ppm. This will be further analyzed by a fine-tuned atomic Absorptionsspektraltechnik. (AAS). Selected samples are determined by inductive coupled Plasmaspektralanalyse - by atomic emission spectroscopy (ICP-AES) after a four acid digestion for the Gesamtauslaugung. This technique takes a broadly 33 Elements. A quality control program consisting of the input of blanks and analytical control standards is one of them to the laboratory results to monitor in addition to ALS's internal QA / QC program. There a few variations and if it has occurred, the laboratory sample bag (normally 20 Proben for Tute) reexamined.

Über Alexander Nubia International Inc.

Alexander Nubia International Inc.. is an established Canadian exploration company since 2007 In Ägypten operational tätig ist. One is motivated and focused on the progress of Gold- and base metal projects in the Eastern Desert of Egypt. The Company holds two exploration licenses in Egypt: Abu Marawat and Fatiri. These cover an area of 1.027 km2 und 1.745 km2 each from. The company focuses on the exploration within the Abu Marawat concession, the two main projects – the Hamama Volcanic Massive-sulfide deposits (“VMS”) and houses the Abu Marawat mesothermal vein deposits, the latter being a NI 43-101 has compliant Inferred gold-copper-smell resource.

The Hamama VMS deposit is located in the Arabic-Nubian Shield, known for its high quality VMS- Occurrence is known. Positive drill results at Hamama intersected high grade semi-massive and massive sulphide mineralization, have a broad zone of VMS gutters on the surface of the high-grade gold and silver (a "gold cover") and an extensive mineralized Lying layer and Breccia.

The company holds a very prospective land package with an existing mining history up to the Pharaohs back with three historic gold mines and four main brochures. The land package is enhanced by the excellent and related infrastructure further. The existing infrastructure has road access routes and railway lines, a connection to the national high-voltage system and large cities are located very close: Qena on the Nile and the port of Safaga on the Red Sea.

For further information please contact:
A. Alexander Massoud Swiss Resource Capital AG
President & Chief Executive Officer Jochen Staiger, CEO
Egypt: +2 (0) 22 287 6914
General Information:
Canada: +1 (604) 727-1813

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With reference to “Alexander Nubia”, “ON”, or "the Company" and based on Alexander Nubia International Inc., the company on the TSX Venture Exchange is listed under the symbol AAN or any of its subsidiaries: Alexander Nubia Inc.., Alexander Nubia Resources Inc., Alexander Nubia Mining Inc., oder Canex Enterprises Inc. Other than statements as historical data and interpretations are based on data activities, Events and developments in the future affect what Alexander Nubia believes, expects or anticipates that these may occur are forward-looking statements as are. (forward­-looking statements) Forward-looking statements are generally, but not all-encompassing determined by the use of words such as "seek,” “accept,” "Believe” “plan,” "Estimate” “expect” and "intend" and statements that relate to events or results "may", "Could,” “should "can” may or "may" occur or be achieved or occur by similar expressions. Forward-looking statements reflect the current expectations or beliefs of AAN again, based on the information currently available.

Forward-looking statements are subject to a number of risks and uncertainties may affect the actual results or from AAN. could differ materially from those discussed forward-looking statements, and even if such actual results are realized or to be realized almost, there is no certainty, be that they have the expected consequences to, or effects for AAN. Factors could affect actual results or events so that they can vary extremely widely from current expectations such as. Differ failure in the successful capital raising and further cost very strongly from the expected operational, political changes affect the AAN activities such as securing permits the possibly. What is needed, Changes in commodity prices and industrial metals markets, Changes in the stock market - and capital markets, Uncertainties bezgl. the availability and cost acceptable personnel required capital, Equipment failure, unexpected geological conditions, Incorrect resource estimates, Success of future developments and initiatives, Competition, Operating performance of the assets, Environment- and safety risks, Delays or failure of the necessary permits and approvals from the government and authorities and other developments and operating risks. A forward-looking statement applies only as of the date of its creation and unless it is in the legal requirements regulated. AAN assumes no liability or any intent to update forward-looking statements whether as a result of new information, future events or other events. AAN believes that the assumptions inherent here in the forward-looking statements are reasonable. Forward-looking statements are not guarantees of future performance and, of course, one should not relate it, since these involve inherent uncertainties. The site still needs considerable future evaluations, perform the AAN's management and consultants also intend. It is only the English original version of this release!

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