Zimtu Capital Corp. gibt Transaktion mit Olympic Resources Ltd. known for graphite concession area Flora Lake, Labrador

Zimtu Capital Corp. gibt Transaktion mit Olympic Resources Ltd. known for graphite concession area Flora Lake, Labrador

03.05.2012 – Zimtu Capital Corp. (TSXv: ZC; ESF: ZCT1) (the "Company" or "Zimtu") is pleased, announce, that the Company and its exploration partner of an agreement with Olympic Resources Ltd.. (TSXv: OLA) („Olympic“) have signed, which, according to Olympic participation by 100 % concession area on the graphite can acquire Flora Lake in Labrador.

Graphite concession area Flora Lake:

The graphite concession area Flora Lake (the "Property") consists of five contiguous prospecting license blocks covering a total area of ​​approximately 4.104 Hectare, the 8 Kilometers east of Labrador City (Labrador) lie. The concession area is on the Trans Labrador Highway 500 accessible. In addition, the project is more infrastructure such as power lines and railway lines, the nearby iron mines supply, before.

The concession area has been in 1953 of Newfoundland & Labrador Corporation Ltd. explored. At that time, were discovered in the concession area in the context of exploring topographical surveys several graphite occurrences. It has been reported, that impure quartzite and crystalline limestone at the concession area contain graphite interspersed. In addition, contain other rock types such as quartz-feldspar-biotite gneiss and mica-garnet-gneiss in the concession area reported that graphite-bearing schist. Regionally these rocks were collected as part of the group from the late Proterozoic Gagnon, containing a high metamorphic terrain, the number of other graphite deposits in Quebec, including the adjacent deposits Lac and Lac Gueret Knife houses, is.

In. P. Boyko (1953), The author of the report, described the occurrence of graphite in the concession area as follows: "Graphite-containing bands of up to 10 Foot in the feldspar-quartz-biotite gneiss… The graphite occurs as both broke into flakes as well as a solid layer with a thickness of up to 2 Inches. "

Olympic plans, the concession area to carry out an exploration program, The first complete collection of historical geological work, and then electromagnetic geophysical surveys, Surface mapping and sampling-, Include trenching and diamond drilling is. In the exploration target is a crystalline flaky graphite deposit, which can be surface mined - similar to other graphite deposits and mines in Quebec, including the Lac Knife deposit of Focus Metals Inc.. (TSXv: FMS).


For its participation in the transaction, Zimtu following tiered bar- and share payments received by Olympic: (i) 15.000 C $ at signing; (ii) 15.000 C $ and 750.000 Shares upon approval of the TSX Venture Exchange („TSXv“); (iii) 250.000 Shares 6 Months after approval of the TSXv, (iv) 250.000 Shares 12 Months after approval of the TSXv and (in) 250.000 Shares 14 Months after approval of the TSXv. The exploration is a partner of Zimtu Bar- and stock-based compensation, correspond to the Zimtu, get. The sellers is a joint NMR fee (Net Milling Royalty) in the amount of 2 % the concession areas to, of the Olympic half (1 %) for 1 May purchase C $ millions.

The mineral rights, The subject of this Agreement, were acquired by the Company and its partners through Absteckens. Zimtu evaluate and acquire, together with its partners continually exploring prospective resource concessions, order for sale or for joint ventures to provide. The provision of consultancy services to companies to license areas, order to assist those in search of interesting projects, is a further division is Zimtu.

Neil McCallum (P.Geo.), a qualified person as defined by National Instrument 43-101, has the technical content of this news release and released.

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The statements in this document, are not purely historical are, are forward-looking statements and include statements, on the assumptions, Plans, Expectations or intentions regarding the future relate.

Among the forward-looking statements in this press release, that Olympic participation by 100% can acquire the concession area graphite Flora Lake; that Zimtu for his involvement in the transaction staggered bar- and will share payments received by Olympic; Zimtu that have appropriate bar- and stock-based compensation is received; that the vendors share a fee of NMR 2% entitled to the concession areas, of the Olympic for 1 C $ millions 1% (half) can acquire; that Olympic plans an exploration program in the concession area of ​​Lake Flora perform, The first complete collection of historical geological work and then work surface, Include trenching and diamond drilling is; and that Zimtu will continue using its exploration partner evaluation and acquisition of promising raw material concessions to sell or as a joint venture.

It must be pointed out, that actual results could differ materially from those, The forward-looking statements are those expressed. Among the risks and uncertainties, without limitation, economic, competition related, official, environmental and technological factors, which the operations and the markets, Could affect the company's products and prices. Readers are advised, to read the risk warnings, in the opinions and analysis of management (Management Discussion and Analysis) described in the audited and the British Columbia Securities Commission required financial reports of the company.

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