The battle for pole position in the graphite mine is opened

The battle for pole position in the graphite mine is opened

09.07.2012 Dusseldorf Institute for Rare earth und Metalle e.V. – With similar conditions such as rare earths numerous junior exploration companies are going into the race for the best positions in the graphite mining. The global graphite production is currently about 70% aus China. Through new technologies in the field of lithium-ion batteries will increasingly need this mineral from high-tech industry.

While the world has with China's dominance in the production of graphite must deal, takes the exploration of graphite by Australian companies at- and abroad. Graphite is one of the critical minerals, characterized by a high demand. Australian mining company, follow the trail of Canadian junior exploration company and have their graphite in recent years, driven, to ensure, that reliable western resources of this mineral in the near future are available.

The graphite production is distributed mainly in China, India and Brazil. This is China with more than 70% The worldwide production of graphite at the tip. There are fears, that China may raise as an export quota for rare earths in the mineral. Is expected in Canada, that the Ontario Graphite Company, the first Canadian, graphite and the first producer in the Western world will be a long time since. It is believed, Northern Graphite Company that follows next.

The global demand for graphite began in the second half of the year 2009 to rise slowly and steadily continued this trend in the years 2010 to 2011 fort. The U.S. Geological studies have found: "This increase is due to the improvement of the global economic situation and its impact on the industries that work with graphite."

Australian junior graphite company in the early stages

The development of graphite is becoming increasingly relevant in Australia. However, the firms are still in the early stages of exploration and drilling, which they lag behind their Canadian counterparts. The exploration boom, which leads to large profit-sharing, is driven by the adoption, that the need for graphite will rise considerably, and not the current supply is sufficient.

The prices for graphite exceeded 1.300 USD per tonne in the late 1980s, but fell in the 1990s to 600-750 USD pro Tonne, Chinese manufacturers flooded the market as. Northern Graphite announced, that the graphite prices, which are dependent on the size and purity of the flakes, recently 3.000 USD per ton exceeded. For large flakes (+80 Mesh), 94% Carbon species must be paid to high surcharges.

The global demand for graphite is about. 1,14 Million tons, evenly distributed between graphite and amorphous graphite großflockigem. The latter is used for industrial purposes. Some estimates are in need of graphite 1,6 Million tonnes in 2020.

Economic and geopolitical concerns

The Australian economy grew in the first quarter of this year to 1,3%. This is more than twice as much as the, Analysts, predicted 0,5%. The GDP of the country was in 2011 at 1,5 Trillion USD. While Australia's services sector for more than two-thirds of GDP in charge, go about. 10% on the account of the mining industry.

The country is, GDP, place 17 the strongest economic powers in the world and has experienced over the last two decades an uninterrupted financial growth. Even during the global financial crisis, had wiped out almost the entire growth of the Western World, the Australian economy continues to grow. This can be explained in large part by the growth of the resource sector and the fact, China's largest export market in Australia 2009 has become.

Australia can, due to the use of the land and the economic focus, divided into East and West. The eastern part of the country is home to most cities and a large part of the service sector and the financial industry. The western part of the natural resources sector,, the iron, Ore, Gold, Oil and natural gas include, dominates.

Promising graphite companies in Australia

Recently, Buxton and Resources (ASX:BUX) entered into the graphite business. The company announced last month, that it is planning a share of 85% of, von der Montezuma Mining Company (ASX:MZM) carried out, To acquire Yalbra graphite project in Western Australia. Buxton, of an explorer of gold, Base metals and iron ore is, said, that "they look forward, as soon as possible to begin the work in this area. "

In recent months, the three Australian companies, Archer Exploration (ASX:AXE), Monax Mining (ASX:MOX), und Syrah Resources (ASX:SYR) reported positive results in terms of graphite exploration activities.

The Company Syrah, has its headquarters in Melbourne, doubled in the last month, its share price overnight, after it had announced the results of a single hole of her Balama project in Mozambique known. The company said last month monax, that the surface samples of their latest project Waddikee "faith (Company) to encourage, that the project has the potential, to have created a new graphite province. "In May, has been monax geochemical results from four samples known to project.

Archer said last month, that followed the rapid development of Campoona, to produce high-purity graphite. A sample from a borehole in Campoona yielded large, Means- and fine flake graphite, predominated but the proportion of medium flake graphite.

The Company Resource Investigator (ASX:IVR), The Explorer is primarily a silver, has also recently added graphite. A preliminary assessment of the graphite potential within the regional ownership of the company identified several promising areas, graphite schist which already came to light during previous drilling.

The company Kibaran nickel (ASX:KNL) Graphite has found potential within their project in Tanzania. Castle Minerals (ASX:CDT), with a gold mining projects in Africa, confirmed in early May, that have brought carbon samples within the Wa project in northwest Ghana considerable zones of high-grade graphite to light.

Promising graphite companies in Canada

As a publicly traded investment company recognizes Zimtu Capital Corp.. (ZCT1 or A0RDR9) early trends in the commodities market and invests exclusively in early stage exploration companies. Because of new applications of graphite, especially as anode material in lithium-ion batteries, The management has already Zimtu end 2010 detected, that the raw material must be entirely re-assessed. Since then, Zimtu extensively studied the topic of graphite and through its network, geological experts from around the world looking for promising projects graphite. In the meantime, has successfully Zimtu nine graphite properties at seven different graphite Explorers, such as e.g.. Big North Graphite Corp., Lomiko Metals Corp. und Standard Graphite Corp., involved.

The elements of minerals and ores are the center of the van Beuren & Rosenthal Inc. (A1JEZV). The company is located, explored, promotes, buys and sells minerals and mines from the field worldwide. Through an organically grown network of contacts in politics, Financial World, Geology, Mineralogy and mining, the van Beuren & Rosenthal Inc. the perfect partner for any early-stage companies in the mining. Your management team consists of a highly specialized team of geologists, Mineralogist, lawyers, Economists and analysts. Those of Beuren & Rosenthal graphite supports a Canadian project, which 2013/2014 start of production is.

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