Polenz (CDU): Afghanistan withdrawal 2014

Polenz (CDU): Afghanistan withdrawal 2014

14.05.2012 Bonn – Ruprecht Polenz (CDU) has spoken before the NATO summit in Chicago in Phoenix to interview Afghan withdrawal. “The Afghans have said, a trigger go during the year 2013. Therefore, the aim of Obama, namely 2014, realistic. It has no sense to speculate constantly in annual figures and data, because we do not want, that Afghanistan falls back into the situation, the part of the cause was, why you're gone”, the chairman of the Foreign Committee of the Bundestag.

Jan van Aken (Left) demanded the withdrawal of NATO in Phoenix. “As long as NATO is in there, the war is still raging, more violent and will demand more and more deaths.” Van filing spoke out against the missile shield in German Rammstein: “This creates uncertainty missile shield. The Russians feel threatened, of course,. Who wants to safety, must be an escalation between NATO, prevent between Europe and the Russians, and that is why I am against the missile shield.”


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