Newmont Mining with a significant profit increase

Newmont Mining with a significant profit increase

30.04.2012 Denver – The American gold producer Newmont Mining shocked in December quarter 2011 with a billion dollar loss to investors. Now, however, the company published its business results for the first quarter 2012 - And they have experience in itself.

This enabled the company during the period with net profit of 561 Million dollars or 1,13 Per share, generating. This compares to the prior year period, an increase of no less than nine percent. Adjusted net income of Americans in the first quarter amounted to 578 Million dollars or 1,17 Dollars per unit certificate, after the company in first quarter 2011 have an adjusted income of 513 Million dollars or 1,04 Dollar had been paid per share.

Minas Conga is still cause for concern

Companies reportedly want the Americans in the current year investment of four to 4,3 Billion on a consolidated basis, operating. Likely to arise, however, because the Minas Conga project because of a recent environmental assessment costs more, However, this sum could increase even more. However, there is, according to Newmont Mining in the realm of possibility, that the project may need to be adjusted. In this case the money is in other, Promising projects incorporate.

After the disastrous commercial results in the December quarter, the Americans seem caught again zuhaben. Therefore, the stock continues to remain a standard investment in the gold sector, although on closer inspection of one or other higher value is likely to identify potential Away.

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