Molycorp Completes Acquisition of Neo Material Technologies

Molycorp Completes Acquisition of Neo Material Technologies

Molycorp Minerals21.06.2012 – It was another eventful month for the rare earth sector (REE), although prices are still low. The focus was primarily on the investment of a major merger and the potential market changing policies, which were announced in China.

Molycorp Completes Acquisition

The US-based company Molycorp (NYSE:MCP) hat die Übernahme des kanadischen Rare earth Unternehmens Neo Material Technologies (TSX:NO) completed and so an integrated, a system based on the mine-to-magnets strategy, Companies in the rare earths launched.

Part of the financial statements, Molycorp that can break down now rare earths in California and worldwide facilities to handle oxides and alloys. In addition, Molycorp, as part of the neo takeover, Rare earth magnets encased on Neo's daughter company producing Magnequench.

By about. 1.17 Billion-dollar business has access to neo Molycorp's patents and, as the Reuter news service reported, supports companies in China, where Neo is doing business.

"We believe, that this acquisition is a win-win situation, "said Byron Capital Markets analyst Jon Hykawy in a note to clients last month. "It should not only significantly increase the profit by Molycorp, but also the start-up reduce risk by Molycorp's own treatment facility. "The company expects the acquisition of an increase in profits and cash flow.

Those: Institute for Rare earth and metals e.V.

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