Honda will recycle batteries of electric cars and hybrid cars

Honda will recycle batteries of electric cars and hybrid cars

06.06.2012 – The battery unit and other elements of the hybrid- and electric cars, consist in part of the so-called rare earths, Honda wants to win back this part by recycling.

The so-called rare earths are in high demand, because they are needed for many modern devices, ranging from mobile phones to battery cells for electric cars. As prices rise for the rare commodities on and on, recycling can be profitable for the economy. Thus, the car manufacturer Honda has been using April, the world's first series method for the extraction of rare earths from used products. For this project work and the Honda Japan Metals & Chemicals Co., Ltd. together in Tokyo.
For now, the process used in nickel-metal-Hydridbatterien applied, The battery packs are from Honda's hybrid vehicles have been withdrawn from trading.
Later, this recovery process to other parts of hybrid- and electric cars will be extended.

Honda had previously used batteries subjected to heat treatment and recycling of waste as raw material for nickel-containing stainless steel. In the new method, the extracted elements are now as pure as newly promoted and refined metals. This allows for the extraction of 80 Percent of the rare earths, in which used nickel-metal hydride batteries
are included, be recovered.

Honda followed with the recycling of raw materials, claims to have long been the "3Rs" approach (reduce, reuse, = deu recycles.: reduce, reuse, recycle). The Japanese manufacturer was the first company in Japan, has offered the recycled parts and used oil filters and shock absorbers also collected and processed.

It is hoped, that the reuse of materials is a growing popular. Some makers of electric cars give battery recycling units before a second life as an energy storage device for homes.
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