Gudrun Kopp opened the “First German-Afghan dialogue commodity” in Berlin

Today, the Parliamentary State Secretary to the Federal Minister opened for Economic Cooperation and Development, Gudrun Kopp, the “German first- Afghan commodity dialogue” in Berlin. The Afghan Minister of Mines, Oil and Gas, Wahidullah Shahrani, and Minister of Finance Dr. Omar Zakhilwal will also attend the conference. During the event, exchange their German business representatives, especially in the sectors of energy, Infrastructure and consulting industry, with experts on Afghan mineral resources and the need for investment in the country. Gudrun Kopp, also Special Representative for commodity issues at the BMZ, explained: “There Rohstoffsektor in Afghanistan bietet huge chance, To create jobs and prosperity. The resource sector can thus also contribute, sustainably develop the country. Required are now secure economic and legal framework, So clear rules for mining of raw materials, to environmental protection and public participation.”

Afghanistan has the potential to less than 20 Years in the ranks of major international suppliers of strategically important raw materials, such as e.g.. Rare earth, Lithium, Tantalum, Tungsten, rise. It thus increasing the demands on the Afghan government, to channel the extraction of mineral resources in a sustainable development of the country. The BMZ therefore supports the Afghan government, to improve the mining supervision and support the country in building a sustainable and transparent mining sector.


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