Golden Predator announces resource estimate for Brewery Creek 580.000 Ounces of gold in the Indicated and 345.000 Ounces in the inferred category

Golden Predator announces resource estimate for Brewery Creek 580.000 Ounces of gold in the Indicated and 345.000 Ounces in the inferred category

03.05.2012 Vancouver (Canada) — : Golden Predator Corp. (TSX:GPD) (the "Company") is pleased, announce, that its resource estimate for the company's own project, Brewery Creek, Yukon (Canada) has made. The resources are displayed on 20,4 Million tonnes 0,89 g / t gold valued, while the inferred resource has been calculated that the 13,0 Million tonnes 0,83 g / t gold include. Estimated resources include using a cut-off grade of 0,20 g / t Au for oxide material and 0,70 g/t Gold für Sulfidmaterial circa 581.000 Ounces of gold, which can be classified as shown, and 345.000 Ounces of gold in the inferred category.

The mineral resource estimates for the company's own Brewery Creek project were of EBA, a Tetra Tech Company, using the data from the drilling- and sampling programs in conjunction with the third party verified data from historic drilling and sampling, including the previous operators of Loki Gold, Viceroy und Alexco Resource Corp. were performed, calculated. Overall 54.822 Samples of 1.244 Holes with a total length of 106.650 Meters (34.929 Samples of 957 RC drilling with a total length of 67.689 Meters and 19.983 Samples of 287 Core holes with a total length of 38.981 Meters) were to 2 Meter sections together and interpolated into six separate Gemcom GEMS sub-block models. For the interpolation of the gold contents in the deposits of Big Rock, Bohemian-Schooner, Foster's North Slope and has been applied conventional kriging, while for the interpolation of the resources at the deposit Classic the ID3 method (Inverse Distance cubed; inverse distance weighting) was used. The Oxidressourcen were part of- or complete blocks, above a redox boundary, which was supplied by the company and was based on the actual borehole surveying, lie, deferred.

Resource estimates at alternative cut-off grades

Geology of the project

The epithermal gold mineralization at Brewery Creek is nestled in quartz monzonite ore deposits from the Cretaceous period and also in Paleozoic siliciclastic sedimentary rocks of the lower plate. The piercing sound of altered and silicified in places deposits are quartz veins of type En Echelon stock plants and cut-. Areas with elevated gold values ​​are directly associated with areas with concentrated Quarzäderung, while the material occurs with lower levels than in the pyrite altered and heavily limonitic inclusions. The trace elements, associated with gold mineralization associated, As part, Sb, and Hg. The non-oxidized parts of deposits commonly contain abundant amounts of pyrite and stibnite. The resources will come from six zones, most of which are all open to extend in one or more directions in the lateral direction and in the depth. The ongoing exploration will serve to increase the known resource and the delineation of new resources within the project area.

Project Overview

The concession area was from Brewery Creek 1996 to 2002 as an open pit operation, was delivered in which the raw material for Haufenlaugungsplatte, operated by Viceroy Gold. The historic gold recoveries from the heap leach operation is reduced to about 60% valued. Historical reports suggest, that a raw material mixture in the heap, the so-called preg-robbing materials included, was prepared, which ultimately reduced the recoveries. The company is currently conducting a metallurgical characterization program by, to determine the gold recovery profiles and properties of the preg robbing material based on the mineralized areas more precisely. The program will be core drilling with large diameter, in summer 2012 to be drilled, for use in the column leach metallurgical basis of the mineralized zones and rock types include. The data suggest, Preg-robbing that the material was limited primarily to the sedimentary rocks, the optically identified and selected by the material, which goes to a treatment plant, can be removed.

The mineral resource estimate for Brewery Creek was made by using the Gemcom GEMS EBA-modeling software, to the rules and regulations, by National Instrument 43-101 und des Canadian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy festgelegt worden sind, correspond to. James Barr (PGeo), an independent qualified expert of the consulting firm EBA, und Bruce Otto (PGeo), Qualified Person and Chief Geologist of Golden Predator Corp.., have reviewed the contents of this press release and released. The Company will in no more than 45 Days from the date of this notice to submit a technical report published resource estimates on SEDAR.

About Golden Predator Corp..

Golden Predator Corp., Yukon’s Gold Company, The objective, a mid-tier gold producer to become. The Golden Predator is operated concessions in an advanced stage of development and are accessible by road. On the coverage areas include the flagship project Brewery Creek, where the company is working actively preparing for a production decision in the near future, and the projects Grew Creek and Clear Creek.

Golden Predator has the largest controlled land in the Yukon, The exploration permits covering a total area of ​​over 1.000.000 Acres includes, and aims to stable relations with First Nations and communities in the Yukon. The company management and the technical team of Golden Predator will continue the implementation of aggressive exploration programs in under-explored areas of the Yukon and have set themselves the goal, Generating value for its shareholders and also to leave a positive legacy.

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