German commodity: Tin License Sadistic Village with considerable potential

Deutsche Rohstoff AG40.000 Tons of tin can / preparations for mining in the mountain of God go ahead

Heidelberg/Chemnitz. Based in Chemnitz GmbH Sachsenzinn, a subsidiary of the German commodity AG, has the renowned Australian engineering firm CSA Global ( receive a positive assessment of the Zinnvorkommens in Sadistic Village in the Eastern Ore Mountains. CSA goes after reviewing the historical data from which, that it is possible, around in the previously explored parts of the ore body 10 Prove million tonnes of ore with economic grade. This would correspond to a quantity of metal of up to 40.000 Tons of tin. The mineralization is mainly in the range up 200 Meters below the surface and along strike and at depth, nor extensible. In the explored part of the deposit, there are tunnels from earlier periods of decrease, some of which are still accessible.

Exploring as it does to the view of CSA, with little effort to create a resource estimate based on the internationally recognized Australian JORC standard. For this purpose, CSA recommended, to document the existing cores, partly to re-analyze and to take further samples. In a further step, the old tunnel could be prepared if, that they can be used for exploration work underground. Finally, CSA recommends a drilling program, confirmed by the historical drilling results, drilling density of the known parts of the ore body and increased the resource could be expanded.

The preparation of mining in the mountain of God is also progressing. One of Sachsenzinn commissioned study has investigated possible locations for a tin production in the area and the mountain of God is a basic feasibility with respect to environmental- and water protection-related aspects. Based on Sachsenzinn will now initiate the further procedural steps towards a later mine.

Dr. Jörg Reichert, Managing Director of Sachsenzinn, said: "The assessment of CSA Sadistic Village is very encouraging and confirms our expectations, and, surpasses them in parts even. Sadistic Village has a number of advantages over other Zinnprojekten. We are very satisfied with the assessment of possible locations of the mine in the mountain of God. Here we can continue to plan as provided. Accordingly, we will first have to create a JORC report for Sadistic Village and explore the occurrence of further, before we decide, the priority with which we advance that project. "

The German commodity keeps on Australian finance company Tin International Ltd.. the majority of the Sachsenzinn GmbH, which brings together and develops the Saxon Zinnprojekte. In addition to the mountain of God and Geyer also includes the only 2013 the Saxon Mining Office awarded the license area Sadistic Village. For the tin deposits in the Vogtland Gottesberg expert estimate of a quantity of tin contained 114.000 Tons. Sadistic village is about 15 Kilometers away from Altenberg. As in Altenberg was in Sadistic Village since 15. Mined century tin. In addition, copper and molybdenum were obtained. The Altenberg tin mine was the largest of the historic metal mines in the Ore Mountains. She placed first 1991 the production of a.

Heidelberg, 3. September 2013

Listed in the Entry Standard German commodity building a new primary producer. Focuses on oil & Gas and so-called high-tech metals such as tungsten, Tin and rare earths. All projects are located in politically stable countries with high environmental standards. The business model is based on the (Re-) Development of deposits, have been well explored in the past. For more information about commodities under German

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