German commodity: Tekton Energy setzt Horizontalbohrungen fort

Deutsche Rohstoff AGLonger-term contract signed for drilling / Next very good delivery rates

Heidelberg / Denver. Tekton Energy will begin the next stage of its horizontal drilling program in the short term. Spud the first well is expected to be over next week. It is planned, through five holes from the drilling site Pavistma bring down South and then connect. The production from these wells is expected to begin in the first half of November. The five holes are part of tecton cooperation with Anadarko Petroleum. The two partners each hold approximately 50% the bores. Following the drilling program continues on other areas of Tekton without interruption.

This Tekton has signed a six-month contract for a drilling rig last Monday for the first time. The agreement allows, up to 12 Perform horizontal drilling in immediate succession. Currently a hole takes an average 14 Days. Tekton plant, even with a second rig to double the number of monthly drilling during the year.

The first two horizontal wells, the beginning of May 2013 have started to support, also reached in June almost the same flow rates as in May, and some of the best holes in the Wattenberg field.

Tekton plant, up to a further 80 carry out such production wells alone on the land in and around Windsor. The company also has land in the same order of magnitude north of Windsor. Comparable wells in Wattenberg provide reserves of average 325.000 to 350.000 Barrel Öläquivalent pro Bohrung.

Heidelberg, 02. July 2013

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