German commodity: Tekton completed five more horizontal wells

All holes reach oil-bearing layer / shorter drilling time drilling thanks abschnittsweisem

Heidelberg / Denver. Since the end of August of the current five horizontal wells Pavistma tecton-drilling site have been completed successfully yesterday. The oil-bearing Codell- or. Niobrara layers were reached all, the planned drilling time could be considerably below. The five holes will be completed during October and mid-November is expected to begin production of oil and gas.

Tekton tested in these holes for the first time a new piecewise drilling process („Batch-Drilling“). Rather than the usual completely finish a bore of the other and then implement the costly drill, the holes were divided into sections and then drilled in each section is the same for all five holes. By mounting the rails to drill the section breaks with very short changeover times can be made. The new approach should significantly improve the processes. In particular, reducing the number of hours, the various service providers have to be on site as well as the times, where equipment is rebuilt.

This novel method is known from other oil fields in the U.S.. Tekton is but the first company, which has applied the batch drilling method in Wattenberg field. As a result, it was possible, the holes faster and thus to perform at a lower cost. While Tekton according to industry standards with 14 Calculated days drilling time, sufficient for the recently completed drill holes approximately 10,5 Take pro Bohrung.

This Monday the drill will be brought to the nearby drilling site Frye Farms, where to start in the next few days three more holes. Tekton is planning to bring down a hole in the so-called Codell layer, two in the Niobrara zone. The proportion of Tekton in these wells shall be: 98,5%. A second rig is expected in mid-November by another well site (Diamond Valley East) start with holes.

Jerry Sommer, CEO von Tekton Energy, Commenting: "We are very pleased with the results so far of our horizontal drilling program. Our team has drilled the first seven holes faster and cheaper, as it based on the experience of other, would be expected of even very large enterprises. "

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