German commodity sold Australian Wolfram Camp Mine


Retail price 18 Million Canadian dollars / participation in a larger tungsten producer

Heidelberg / Toronto. The German commodity AG has signed a contract today, with whom she shares all of her to the 100% held Australian companies Wolfram Camp Mining and Metals Tropical sold. The companies operate the tungsten- und Molybdänmine Wolfram Camp in Queensland/Australien. The purchase price amounts to 18 Million Canadian dollars (CAD), the equivalent of about 12,3 Million €. The buyer is the Canadian company Almonty Industries, among others, the Los Santos tungsten mine in Spain operates. The shares of Almonty are listed on the Canadian TSX Venture in Toronto.

The purchase price consists of two parts according to the contract:

- The German commodity receives about 12,2 Million shares of Almonty with a value of CAD 10,5 My. This corresponds to a share of 24,9% PM Grundkapital von Almonty.

- In addition, the DRAG receives a convertible debenture in the amount of CAD 7,5 My. It has a term of 2,5 Years and with 4% p.a. interest. You can DRAG optional from a share price of CAD 1,45 be exchanged for shares Almonty.

The validity of the contract, however, depends, that several conditions are met. This includes the approval of the shareholders of Almonty and the approval of other parties. In particular, the approval of the Toronto Stock Exchange is required, as well as the declaration of no objection to the Australian authorities to an investment by a foreign company. The parties expect to, that the transaction can be completed by the end of August.

Titus Gebel, CEO of the German commodity AG, Commenting: "Almonty is in our view the ideal buyer for Wolfram Camp. Management has a lot of experience with tungsten mines and has been shown, that it can develop these long-term success. The DRAG retains a significant portion of a now larger tungsten producer. We are confident, that this proportion will increase in value due to the strong fundamentals of tungsten and the good market position of Almonty. "

Lewis Black, CEO von Almonty, Commenting: "We are pleased, to have taken the Wolfram Camp Mine, with the acquisition, we have almost doubled our Tungsten activities. WCM is a producing tungsten mine whose characteristics we value very similar to that of Panasqueira Mine, we have with our management team and the company's Primary Metals Inc. have set and resold successfully repaired in the past. Our technical team, which the majority of his career with wolframite and has worked since the takeover of the Los Santos scheelite mine also is very confident about the additional potential of WCM. To be the German commodity as large shareholder add is considered positive and allows the DRAG and your shareholders continue to have a much larger company with the tungsten business involved. Following the transaction Almonty is the only listed company with its two producing tungsten mines and both wolframite- produce and scheelite concentrate. "

Heidelberg, 30. June 2014

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