German raw material and Almonty Industries settle all claims relating to the acquisition of Wolfram Camp Mine


Heidelberg / Toronto. German raw material and Almonty Industries announce, to have an agreement, with the now all claims under the terms of the stock purchase agreement (SSA) from 22. September 2014 are fully paid. According to this agreement, the amount reduces the convertible bond, who had received the German commodity AG in connection with the sale of Almonty, at 1,5 Million Canadian dollars (CAD, about 1,06 My. Euro) now on 6 Million CAD (4,25 My. Euro).

The compensation to Almontys required, because on the basis of certain changes in the balance of Wolfram Camp at the time of the final effect or the contract 22. September 2014 the closed in June purchase agreement provided for an adjustment of the purchase price. Almonty had 100% acquired the Wolfram Camp Mining Pty Ltd and Tropical Metals Pty Ltd by the German commodity AG.

Heidelberg, 25. February 2015

Listed on the Entry Standard German commodity establishing a new primary producer to. Focuses on oil & Gas and so-called high-tech metals such as tungsten, Tin and Rare earth. All projects are located in politically stable countries with high environmental standards. The business model is based on the (Re-) Development of deposits, have been well explored in the past. For more information about commodities under German


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