German commodity: Rhein Petroleum terminated productivity tests


Heidelberg. Rhein Petroleum GmbH, a 10% share of the German commodity AG, announced today, that rest after the completion of the first productivity tests her two holes "stick City 2001" and "Allmendfeld 1" in Ried City Crumstadt subject of further work for the time being. The in technical language, referred to as "Include" method ensures the bore and allows, short resume work. "With the first floor productivity tests in city 2001 we did not get the expected quantity of oil to the surface. ", betont Dr. Michael Suana, Managing Director of Rhein Petroleum. Therefore Rhein Petroleum will now make further evaluations of the first data and results gained.

Currently preparing Rhein Petroleum with "Schwarzenbach 1" a third bore at Ried City Goddelau ago, which aims at one of several promising geological structures near the city Altfelds Stock.

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The German commodity AG, which the end of Rhein Petroleum 2007 had co-founded, wiederzuerschließen to old oil fields in southern Germany, is still with 10% shares in the company. The remaining shares are held by Tulip Oil (, The Hague, Netherlands, at the beginning of the German commodity 2011 had sold the majority. Pursuant to an agreement dated September 2012 between Tulip Oil and German raw material has the German commodity, despite the 10% stake currently only 2,5% finance the investments in Rhein Petroleum.

Heidelberg, 16. More 2014

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