17. SEPTEMBER 2012 – Price AUD 16 Million (EUR 13 Mine) in bar

Heidelberg / Brisbane. The AG has sold its German commodity in the Australian North Queensland located Georgetown gold mine for AUD 16 Million (EUR 13 Mine) Sold in cash. Buyer JKO Mining is based in Brisbane, Australia. The purchase was the acquisition of the shares of the German Mineral Resources Australia Pty Ltd. (DRAU) causes, who owns the Georgetown Gold Project. The agreement is still subject to the condition, dass das australische „Foreign Investment Review Board (FIRB)"Consents. The approval is expected in a few days.

Of the purchase price is AUD 0,5 Million (EUR 0,4 Mine) already been paid in June and August in the form of an exclusivity premium. More AUD 9,5 Million (EUR 7,7 Mine) are due immediately, the rest of AUD 6 Million in four installments over the next 12 Months. This loan is subject to seller 7% interest and the licenses, which holds DRAU, collateralised.

Dr. Titus Gebel, CEO of German commodity AG, said: "We are very pleased, that the sale of Georgetown Gold Mine is now completed successfully. We wish good luck to the buyer. The area around Georgetown is undoubtedly still considerable potential for gold extraction. "

DRAU as previously 100% owned subsidiary of the German Mineral Resources AG is the legal unit, which reduce the- and holds exploration licenses, which are important for the Georgetown Goldmine. Also features the company based in Brisbane, the gold processing plant in Georgetown, Queensland. The DRAU had the Georgetown Gold Project 2009 acquired and in the fall 2010 begun to reduce the ores. During the year 2011 promoted the company around 13.000 Ounces of gold and 9.000 Ounces of Silver. The buyer is obliged, The company renamed after acquisition.

The Entry Standard listed German AG to build a new commodity to commodity producers. Focus on gold, Beer & Gas and so-called high-tech metals such as tungsten, Tin and rare earths. All projects are located in politically stable countries with a focus on Germany. The business model is based on the (Re-) Development of deposits, have been well explored in the past. The first production began in January 2011. For more information on German visit

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