German commodity AG: Bond of EUR 100 Million to finance the horizontal drilling program of Tekton

Attractive Anleihe-Story

  • tekton-drill-rig-construction1The German is a commodity international active, diversified, rapidly growing resource companies
  • Bisher starke operative Performance, strong share price performance, healthy balance sheet
  • Founded Tekton, since 2012 successful oil producer in the U.S.
  • The proceeds from the bond will be largely at least 75% to finance the growth of Tekton used
  • Tekton is the beginning of a extremely attractive drilling program 60 own horizontal drilling on the licensed areas
  • The areas are located in the Renditestärksten onshore Oil- and gas field in the United States, the Wattenberg field
  • Previously 2 Horizontal wells with above average reserves, Net proceeds from only two holes already in May 55.000 USD / Tag
  • A reserve report has Tekton Reserves of 32 My. Barrel Öläquivalent (BOE) confirmed
  • Possible Revenues from the reserves are 2,1 Billion. USD, Future Net Income 1,2 Billion. (see Table)
  • Spud is in July 2013, Planning phase has begun, Drill already exists
  • The other project in the areas of Metals (Tungsten, Zinn, Rare earths) and oil&Gas give additional security bond

Company Profile German commodity

The German raw material based in Heidelberg was established in 2006 of the current Board members, Dr. And Dr. Titus Gebel. Thomas founded Gutschlag.

The focus of activities in the exploration and production of oil and natural gas and critical metals (Tungsten, Molybdenum, Tin and Rare earth).

The oil / natural gas production of the company mainly focuses on the very well-developed Wattenberg field in Colorado / USA. In the critical metals business, the company has been producing 2012 Tungsten- and molybdenum concentrates in its open pit mine in Queensland / Australia, additionally they developed tin- and rare earth element deposits in Saxony.

Since the IPO in 2010 is the rate by about. 60 % increased, The market capitalization is currently about. 80 Million €. The company has since 2011 profitable. More

Tekton - Successful oil producer in the U.S.

The U.S. subsidiary of the German commodity, Tekton Energy, currently holds 4.095 acre (as. 1.657 Hectare) License areas in the Wattenberg field in Colorado. There are 2011 founded together with the experienced management company first began in February with the surfaces 9 To develop vertical wells. All holes were successful and produce oil & Gas.

During the year 2011 and strengthened since 2012 published the two largest operating in the Wattenberg oil field company, Anadarko Petroleum Corporation und Noble Energy, Inc., Results of horizontal drilling, they had tested in the Wattenberg field.

In February 2013 Tekton therefore began with the first two horizontal wells are. The two holes were within the planned schedule of four weeks and also within the budget of USD 9 My. be completed. Completion of the two holes made in the course of April 2013. Both wells were successful. The end of April began the very successful production test.

Both holes produced in May together average 1.228 BOE, resulting in a net income before interest, Taxes and Abschriebungen (EBITDA) of 55.000 USD daily means.

Due to the excellent results Tekton now planning for further development of the areas initially more 80 To sink Holes. Of the holes are Tekton "net" 60 to, because partners are involved in some holes, but also according to co-finance this.

Based on previous drilling and knowledge of the geology of an independent assessment of the prestigious consulting firm Ryder Scott already confirmed the attractiveness of the Bohrvorhabens:

The table shows the estimated net reserves and income figures from the categories Proved („Proved“), Probably ("Likely") and possible („Possible“) according to the reserve report. For the above reserves revenues of USD arise according to reports at full development of the areas 2,1 Billion, based on an assumed oil price of USD 82,49 per barrel and a gas price of USD 3,90 Tausend pro Kubikfuß. The future net income („Future Net Income“), defined as revenue less royalties of landowners („Royalties“), Costs of development including drilling and operating costs as well as local, sales-related taxes, therefore amounts to USD 1,2 Billion. More

Facts and drawing

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