eCORP und Advanced Drilling Solutions treffen Vereinbarung, offer a Slim Hole Drilling Evaluation Service

eCORP und Advanced Drilling Solutions treffen Vereinbarung, offer a Slim Hole Drilling Evaluation Service

14.05.2012 Houston – Die eCORP Europe Holding Limited (“eCORP”), a subsidiary of International EcoRP, LLC und die Advanced Drilling Solutions GmbH, an affiliated company of BG Management Consulting (“ADS”), pleased to announce, that they have entered into an agreement, to develop a diagnostic unit for studying the earth's crust. This includes a specially designed rig (coring / drilling core) and a mobile geological laboratory and a Slim Hole Drilling Evaluation (“SHED”; System with a small hole diameter especially for exploratory drilling) designated. The equipment will collect technical data, the benefit of science, and are also of utmost importance for energy companies, the oil, Gas- and develop geothermal energy sources and other natural resources.

Due to the small hole size, the facility, which was modeled on a core drilling system for hard minerals, but was extended by an automatic and rapid liquid handling system for the positive control wells, a small footprint and therefore minimal impact on the earth's surface during operation. It was developed for use on land. EcoRP will be the first company, the unit in the SHED operations in Europe used. The company will abide strictly during the drilling of the statutory requirements, or even surpass, and is currently planning, this ?Fine-needle aspiration” before the departure of the rig again to close permanently, so that virtually no long-term effects remain through the soil samples are. For the case, that future data collection is required or provided by the Science, can drill holes with electronic equipment for underground data collection are provided, the final setting of the holes are compatible. Locally, the SHED unit continuously collect rock samples drilled from all layers, to a depth of 3.500 Meters, and the relevant, during the coring record data collected immediately.

As part of the agreement SHED EcoRP ADS and market research- and conduct regulatory research and then finalize the design and construction of a first gear system, which in Western- and Central Europe will be used. There EcoRP holds a number of promising licenses in excellent catchment areas and will present talks on a major extension of these concessions. In future, more units are produced.

Bouchra Lamik-Thonhauser, Managing Director der ADS, said: ?This partnership will enable us, developed by us, applying unique technology and know-how in the development of drilling- promote and evaluation tools, that exploration activities with minimal environmental impact can be carried out as humanly possible.”

Gerhard Thonhauser, Chief Technology Officer der ADS, Commenting: “The SHEDS system will transform as a groundbreaking exploration tool, the technology industry in Europe and in the global market. The integration of a compact drill- and evaluation system using the latest technology for automation and remote control operation provides us with a unique efficiency, in terms of cost and environmental impact.”
John Thrash, Chairman and CEO, said EcoRP: “The SHED unit is another important component, we our range of high quality, cost-effective and environmentally sound exploration tools add. We are fortunate, cooperate with the pioneers of this technology, demonstrate that since the 1980s experience with this proven technology.”

During the funding period in the fields EcoRP drilling plans using the “Pad”-Drilling (multiple holes), be limited in the number of drill bits on a small Bohransatzstelle for days, and other drilling technologies tried and tested, with reduced environmental impact can be performed than the traditional methods. Accompanying EcoRP is used as an additional tool for environmentally friendly promotional measures a propane reservoir stimulation, offered by ProStim, another service provider in the joint possession of EcoRP. The use of gelled propane to promote increase of hydrocarbon reservoir is a natural solution, those which have recently expressed concerns about the well-stimulation included – Propane, which is used in millions of households, is part of the natural gas, although usually in low concentrations. We are convinced, that this groundbreaking technology not only by the legislature and the industry is welcomed, but also in the general population. GASFRAC, Partner eCORPs them ProStim-Design, has successfully used this technology in North America and 1.350 Reservoir stimulation of Alberta, Canada, to South Texas, USA, carried out. In addition, EcoRP extensive experience with gaseous propane and butane, because they have these components in the early 1980s in South Texas used for enhanced oil recovery in conventional reservoirs.

Since its inception in 1978 and its predecessors have EcoRP extensive experience in the oil- and gas collected, among others in the underground gas storage, in natural gas transportation, in the enhanced oil recovery in reservoirs using conventional propane and butane, in the exploration and development of conventional and unconventional reservoirs, in the power generation and marketing of electricity and gas. The company was a pioneer in the development of the Marcellus formation in Pennsylvania and New York, USA, recognized its potential and developed at the same time be highly regarded Stagecoach Storage Project in New York. EcoRP acquired after the award of concessions in the Marcellus formation, additional resources in Europe. The first-class management team, the company will apply its in-depth background knowledge, both in Europe and the U.S., to oil- and gas fields, To develop gas storage and power generation systems, the whole of their range of environmentally friendly exploration- and development tools to draw.

The year 2008 Founded ADS is engaged in research and development in the areas of expansion of the depth and range limit, Development of advanced drilling technology, instrumentation systems and underground. The technologies include drill pipe made of composite materials for extended-reach drilling (deviated horizontal wells), unique surface surveillance systems for the evaluation of drilling equipment, and communication- measurement systems and underground. The drilling technology is used both for oil- and gas industry as well as applications developed for geothermal, For example, geothermal storage solutions. ADS assemble highly skilled engineering team, that it integrates the knowledge from the fields of electronics, embedded systems and automation, and bring out mechanical engineering and materials science.

Media inquiries should be directed to EcoRP: Mark Stauss Director of Commercial Operations E-Mail:[] Phone: +1-713-416-0280

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