Eagle Hill Intersects 15,24 g / t gold over 2,9 Meters and extended zone 27 in an easterly direction

Eagle Hill Intersects 15,24 g / t gold over 2,9 Meters and extended zone 27 in an easterly direction

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA – 23. July 2012 (TSX.V: EAG) Eagle Hill Exploration Corporation ("Eagle Hill" or the "Company") is pleased, new assay results from its current drilling program, focused on the enlargement of the zone 27 Windfall Lake gold deposit in northwestern Quebec focused, to announce. These results are part of an ongoing drilling program, with the extent of in November 2011 published mineral resource estimate is to be expanded.

The first results of systematic drilling in the eastern expansion of the Gold Zone 27 show, that are located in this zone at depth more significant gold deposits. In drill hole 12-399 EAEC a 2,9 Meter wide section 15,24 g / t gold in hole EAG-12-400 3,7 Meter wide section 12,1 g / t gold intersected. In addition, the zone in an easterly direction for expansion is still open. In the systematic holes near the surface above the two holes, in the sectors 2700 and 2750, A further pyrite mineralization intersected. The results from these wells will be announced, when the relevant data. The area, took place in the holes, was in the mineral resource estimate dated November 2011 not included. Eagle Hill is in the drilling sector 2800 continue, to expand the zone to the east.

In addition to the results from the Eastern Zone, we are also pleased about the new results from the upper extension of the zone 27 near the surface. In drill hole EAG-12-392, 2,1 Meter wide section 5,5 g / t gold intersected. Further assay results from drill hole 12-409 EAEC, where in a broad zone of mineralization with up to 15 % Pyrite content visible gold mineralization were observed, are pending. A series of holes has been completed, for the gold mineralization near the surface over a strike length of 400 Meters between sector 2125 m and sector 2525 To test meters east. Ultimate objective of this drilling program is, To define gold resources in the vicinity, a reduction in the early phase of day in the area of ​​the upper extension of the zone 27 can be promoted.

Das Ende May 2012 initiated drilling program focuses on three main target areas:

1. First, find detailed definition drilling in the near-surface gold mineralization rather than determine, whether the existing gold deposits can be supported above ground.

2. Second, the known gold zones extend east through systematic drilling scheme; The extension of this gold mineralization at a depth of up to 450 Meters could be done by the existing infrastructure ramp on the property Windfall Lake.

3. Third, it is about the discovery of additional gold mineralization below the intrusive Red Dog, where in the context of our recent drilling significant gold mineralization has been found. Eagle Hill is of the opinion, that are found in greater depth further gold mineralization, because gold deposits generally from the Archean have a much greater vertical extent than an extension along strike. The gold mineralization at Windfall Lake currently has a strike length of horizontal 650 Meters and is open to both east and west.

In addition to the near-surface gold mineralization and the eastward expansion of the zone 27 intersected in drill holes below the Red Dog a significant pyrite mineralization associated with visible gold. The results of the other wells, the drilled east and below the intrusion Red Dog were, are pending.

The previously identified in Windfall Lake gold mineralization zones extend laterally over 650 Meters from south to north, and include the Caribou Zone South, the Caribou Zone, that Mink Zone, which Zone 27 South, which Zone 27, the zone and the zone Mallard Mallard North. All zones are nearly vertical and are between 2 and 35 Meters thick. In addition to the near-surface gold mineralization at Windfall have also shown recent drilling, that the mineralized zones from surface to a depth of 770 Meter range. Below the intrusion Red Dog found u.a. Sections with 8,9 g / t gold over 14,0 Meters and 5,5 g / t gold over 15,0 Meter (Press Release from 1. March 2012).

A map of the property Windfall Lake, in the locations of the gold zones, Holes and areas of potential expansion are shown, and cross-sections, A longitudinal section and pictures from the core, on the nature of the mineralization can be seen, are available on the website of Eagle Hill:


The most important information contained in this press release are summarized in the table below.

Reported in this release gold samples were tested by a standard fire test (30 g weighed) with subsequent atomic absorption or. Samples with more than 10 Grams per tonne analyzed using a gravimetric method. Rehearse, significant amounts of pyrite and visible gold contained, were investigated by means of metallic screening. All analyzes were performed by ALS Chemex Laboratory Group in Val d'Or (Quebec) carried out. The sampling and analytical procedures are subject to a comprehensive quality assurance- and quality control program. In quality control, duplicate samples are also, Blanks and standard samples used.

Jean-Philippe Desrochers, Ph.D., P.Geo. Quebec is a registered Qualified Person under NI-43-101, has reviewed the technical information in this press release.

Over the concession area Windfall Lake

The Property consists of Windfall Lake 362 contiguous claims (about 12.000 Hectare) Mineralization in the Abitibi Belt of northern Quebec. This area between Val d'Or and Chibougamau is known for its gold- and copper production, as well as for its excellent exploration- mining and infrastructure known. In the past, on the property Windfall Lake conducted extensive grass roots exploration. In addition to the independently acquired exploration rights on the property Windfall Lake Eagle Hill also has option agreements with Murgor Resources Inc., Cliffs Natural Resources Inc. (vormals Freewest Resources Canada Inc.) und Noront Resources Inc. signed for the purchase of the property Windfall Lake. In November 2011 The company has its first mineral resource estimate, the results are listed in the table below, get.

Über Eagle Hill Exploration Corporation

Eagle Hill Exploration Corporation is a Canadian mineral exploration company, focused on the exploration and development of gold- and precious metals concessions is. The company with the acquisition of high-grade gold project in Urban Windfall Lake Township (Quebec) between Chibougamau and Val-D'Or set a goal, an exploration company with projects in advanced stages of being. Eagle Hill is interested in projects in the first place, which have a large resource potential or. could have. On the company website at www.eaglehillexploration.com and in the publications at www.sedar.com for further information on the coverage areas as well as information on the management and the activities of the company.

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„P. Bradley Kitchen“

P. Bradley Kitchen, President

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