Eagle Hill Exploration Corp.: Updated mineral resource statement leads to increase of the derived (126 %) and displayed (61 %) Ounces of gold with a higher content of the deposit at Windfall Lake

Eagle Hill Exploration Corp.: Updated mineral resource statement leads to increase of the derived (126 %) and displayed (61 %) Ounces of gold with a higher content of the deposit at Windfall Lake

VANCOUVER (BRITISH COLUMBIA), 25. July 2012. Eagle Hill Exploration Corporation (TSX-V: EAG) ("Eagle Hill" or the "Company") is pleased, the creation of a second independent gold mineral resource statement in accordance with National Instrument 43-101 the Canadian Securities Administrators for the concession area Windfall Lake (the "Property Windfall Lake" or the "Property") to announce, die von SRK Consulting (Canada) Inc. („SRK“) was created. Die aktualisierte Mineralressourcenerklärung stellt aufgrund zusätzlicher Bohrungen und einer verbesserten Bereichsmodellierung eine beträchtliche Steigerung der gesamten Goldunzen und des Gehalts dar.


The results of the updated gold resource have to point out the following:

• Increase the total gold ounces in the indicated category to 61 %; Increase in the content to 10 % on 10,05 Gramm per Tonne Gold

• Increase the total gold ounces in the inferred category to 126 %; Increase in the content to 31 % on 8,76 Gramm per Tonne Gold

• 40 % The gold resource is located in the indicated category.

• The following mineral resource was developed by using a cut-off grade 3,0 Gramm Gold pro Tonne („g/t Gold“) reported:

o Indicated Resource of 1,665 Million tonnes 10,05 g/t Gold (538.000 Ounces of gold)

o Inferred Resource of 2,906 Million tonnes 8,76 g/t Gold (822.000 Ounces of gold)

• About 80 % The mineral resource is located within a 450 times 850 Meter area within the first 500 Meters below the surface.

• Eagle Hills exploration costs amounted to about previously 10 $ per ounce of gold discovered.

• The mineralization remains open along strike and at depth.

The revised Mineral Resource Statement * is given below:

Mineral Resource Statement * for the Windfall Lake gold project (Quebec) von SRK Consulting (Canada) Inc. from 25. July 2012


"We are pleased, in a position to be, a team as strong update of our first mineral resource statement within such a short time to announce. In just eight months, we increased the amount of gold ounces, and the content of the displayed considerably in the inferred category. This confirms the enormous value, the systematic exploration of our approach is created. Our efficient and cost-effective drilling program continues to deliver strong results and improves the durability and reliability of mineral resource ", said Dr. Jean-Philippe Desrochers, Chief Geologist of Eagle Hill. "Our updated mineral resource statement confirms one more time, that the deposit has a significant windfall gold mineralization and significant potential for increasing the size using additional systematic exploration. "

Exploration program 2012

Apart from the updated resource calculation, as part of the recent near-surface drilling at Windfall Lake gold mineralization discovered, that can be mined by open pit mining methods may. Several powerful, near-surface sections with considerable content prompted the company to, to expand the current program, to investigate the full potential by means of additional holes. Recent intersections include:

• EAG-12-394: 41,8 Meters with 4,6 g/t Gold (11. July 2012)

• EAG-12-393: 47,2 Meters with 11,8 g/t Gold (21. June 2012)

• EAG-12-351: 55 Meters with 5,7 g/t Gold (26. April 2012)

• EAG-12-318: 25 Meters with 22,85 g/t Gold (27. February 2012)

Apart from the near-surface gold mineralization at Windfall showed the recent drilling, that the mineralized zone to a depth of 770 Meters below the surface and run sections such as 8,9 g / t gold over 14,0 Meters and 5,5 g / t gold over 15,0 Meters below the intrusion Red Dog exhibit (see press release dated 1. March 2012). This deeper gold mineralization was not due to lack of drilling in this section included in the mineral resource statement. Additional drilling below the Red Dog intrusion could be continued, to increase the size of the mineral resource.

The drill program, das Ende May 2012 has begun, focuses on three main goals:

1. Detailed definition drilling in the near-surface gold mineralization, to support an evaluation of mineral resources, that could be mined as part of an open pit mining operation

2. Expand the known gold zones to the east by systematic drilling scheme - extension of gold mineralization to a depth of 450 Meters could allow a reduction of the existing ramp at the infrastructure concession Windfall Lake.

3. Discovery of additional gold mineralization below the constant intrusion Red Dog, where we have discovered during our recent drilling significant gold mineralization. Eagle Hill is of the opinion, that can be found at greater depths further gold mineralization, because the vertical extent of gold deposits in the Archean is generally greater than its strike length. The gold mineralization at Windfall Lake currently has a horizontal strike length of over 2.000 Meters and is still open to the east and west.

A map of the property Windfall Lake, on the locations of the gold zones, Wells and potential expansion areas and cross-sections, are shown a longitudinal section and images of the core, the style of mineralization show, was published on the website of Eagle Hill at www.eaglehillexploration.com / sections.

The concession area Windfall Lake is located in the province of Quebec, by the Fraser Institute as one of the best jurisdictions in the world was considered for new mine development. Also favorable for mine development, the existing infrastructure, such as an access road, throughout the year can be traveled, a camp for 58 People, a recently built, 1.450 Meter long underground ramp with a diameter of 5 Meters, two power lines, which pass through the concession area, and the availability of qualified contractors.

Technical Description

The documents of the new mineral resource statement differs from the previous Mineral Resource Statement, in November 2011 was published. The increase in tonnage and grade is mainly due to the extended range and improved drilling modeling. SRK used in this updated mineral resource statement reporting the same parameters as those, The first explanation for the mineral resources have been applied (3,0 g/t Gold, 1.200 U.S. $ per ounce of gold and a gold recovery rate of 97 %). The reported cut-off grade of 3,0 Grams per tonne based on the assumption, that the Windfall Lake gold deposit is suitable for underground mining.

The gold mineralization is hosted within a zone of low pressure along a highly polluted deformation corridor, extending toward the northeast and influenced by a variable hydrothermal alteration with disseminated pyrite stockwork and pyrite mineralization is. Based on the current knowledge of the exploration was the deposit in resource modeling in three sub-regions divided. Most of the gold mineralization occurs in the Main Zone, the means of holes at intervals of 25 to 50 Was subjected meters sampling. Given the additional, In the years 2011 and 2012 acquired information from the core holes, two of the previously defined zones of gold (Main und East Extension) consolidated, to expand the Main Zone. Two smaller, less well-defined zones are located north (Zone F17) and northeast (Zone F51) the Main Zone and are characterized by well-developed shearing, but will be in a separate, running sub-parallel deformation zone north of the Main Zone and fall with about 65 Degrees to the northwest from.

The database of the property includes Windfall Lake 567 Diamond, from which 318 lie within the area of ​​resource estimation. The analytical data for the concession area come mainly from boreholes, between the 2004 and 2012 von Murgor Resources Inc., Noront Resources Inc. and Eagle Hill were carried out. The well data include the location of the drill collar, Survey data from the deep, lithologic codes and 55.073 Sample sections, which were investigated on gold. The mineral resource statement was based on diamond drilling totaling 142.427 Meters created.

The mineral resources reported herein were estimated using geostatistical block modeling based on the drilling data. All zones were estimated by means of conventional wire mesh on the basis of an interpretation which is divided into sections interpretation of drilling data. In areas with limited drilling was divided into sections based on interpretation of content models performed with the software Leapfrog. The block model consisted of a 5 times 5 times 5 -Meter grid, with the 30 Was filmed degrees counterclockwise, so that the block model is aligned subparallel to the general strike of the mineralization. The gold grades were estimated using Ordinary Kriging and compared with an inverse distance algorithm as a secondary method of estimation, using the same estimation parameters were applied.

The block model was created, to encompass the entire area of ​​gold mineralization in the concession area Windfall Lake. There were used two estimation passages, dine to the block model with a gold content of zones, which are limited by hard mineralization wireframes. The first and second estimating passage considered complete and double variogram ranges.

SRK was satisfied, that the geological modeling takes into account the current geological information. The location of the sampling and analysis data are sufficiently reliable, to support a resource assessment, and have no risk in terms of resource classification to. The mineral resource model is based largely on the geological knowledge through the holes, in the Main Zone at intervals of 25 Meters and the rest of the deposit at intervals of 50 Meters were drilled. The geological information is sufficient proof, order to model the limits of gold mineralization in the Main Zone (Area 100) to provide reasonable assurance with, during the geological stability in zones F17 and F51 (Areas 200 and 300) only on the basis of the current drill spacing in accordance with the CIM Definition Standards for Mineral Resources and Mineral Reserves (November 2011) can be derived.

In general, SRK is in a mineralization with good geological stability, which was determined at appropriate intervals with trusted sampling, assume, that blocks, were estimated within the first estimated passage taking into account the full variogram ranges, gemäß den CIM Definition Standards for Mineral Resources and Mineral Reserves (November 2011) can be classified in the Indicated category. In these blocks takes to SRK, that the trust is sufficient, to allow for an appropriate application of technical and economic parameters, to support mine planning and evaluation to facilitate the economic viability of the deposit. These blocks, located in the Main Zone, can accordingly be classified as "indicated". Conversely, blocks, have been estimated in the framework of the second pass, taking account of the environment with double variogram areas, and those blocks, which are located in areas, where the geological stability can only be derived, be classified in the inferred category, because the reliability of the estimates is insufficient, to allow for a meaningful application of technical and economic parameters or to assess the economic feasibility.

The mineral resource estimate was prepared by Dr. Lars Weiershäuser, P.Geo. (APGO-Nr. 1504), Dorota El-Rassi und, P.Eng. (APEO-Nr. 100012348), under the supervision of Dominic Chartier, P.Geo. (OGQ-Nr. 874), and Glen Cole, P.Geo. (APGO-Nr. 1416), von SRK Consulting (Canada) Inc. created. Dr. Weiershäuser, Mrs. El-Rassi, Mr. Chartier and Mr. Cole are all independent "qualified person" under National Instrument 43-101. Mr. Chartier is registered in the province of Quebec, and has the Windfall Lake gold project on 27. and 28. June 2011 examined. The "technical report" SRK is required within the 45 Filed days after the date of this press release on SEDAR. Glen Cole has reviewed the contents of this release.

Jean-Philippe Desrochers, Ph.D., P.Geo., Chief Geologist of Eagle Hill, eine "qualifizierte Person" gemäß National Instrument 43-101, has reviewed the technical information in this news release.

Over the concession area Windfall Lake

The Property consists of Windfall Lake 362 contiguous claims (about 12.000 Hectare) Mineralization in the Abitibi Belt of northern Quebec. This area between Val d'Or and Chibougamau is known for its gold- and copper production, as well as for its excellent exploration- mining and infrastructure known. In the past, on the property Windfall Lake conducted extensive grass roots exploration. In addition to the independently acquired exploration rights on the property Windfall Lake Eagle Hill also has option agreements with Murgor Resources Inc., Cliffs Natural Resources Inc. (vormals Freewest Resources Canada Inc.) und Noront Resources Inc. signed for the purchase of the property Windfall Lake.

Über Eagle Hill Exploration Corporation

Eagle Hill Exploration Corporation is a Canadian mineral exploration company, focused on the exploration and development of gold- and precious metals concessions is. The company with the acquisition of high-grade gold project in Urban Windfall Lake Township (Quebec) between Chibougamau and Val-D'Or set a goal, an exploration company with projects in advanced stages of being. Eagle Hill is interested in projects in the first place, which have a large resource potential or. could have. On the company website at www.eaglehillexploration.com and in the publications at www.sedar.com for further information on the coverage areas as well as information on the management and the activities of the company.

The TSX Venture Exchange nor its Regulation Services Provider (described in the policies of the TSX Venture Exchange Regulation Services Provider) assume no responsibility for the adequacy or accuracy of this release.


„P. Bradley Kitchen“

P. Bradley Kitchen, President

For more information, contact:

David Matousek, Corporate Communications
Eagle Hill Exploration Corporation
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E-Mail: info@eaglehillexploration.com
Website: www.eaglehillexploration.com

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