Dolly Varden Silver started Bohrprogramm 2013

Dolly Varden Silver started Bohrprogramm 2013

Dolly Varden Silver started Bohrprogramm 2013

14. June 2013 – Vancouver, BC: Dolly Varden Silver Corporation (TSX.V: DV | U.S.: DOLLF) ("Dolly Varden" or the "Company") is pleased, to announce, that teams have been mobilized and are working on site, to prepare the drilling program over days in the concession area Dolly Varden, which is at a distance of 26 Kilometers by road from the flood plain near the village of Alice Arm, British Columbia, is. It is expected, that the drilling program will begin in late June and will cover the months of July and August.

The funding of this year's program is based on the most recent equity financing in the amount of $ 4,5 My. and the ongoing participation of Hecla Mining, our strategic investor, the decided, its capital share of 19,9 % to retain Dolly Varden Mining.

Our drilling program aims, 1) To begin with the confirmation of historic resources, which total 14,5 Uz million silver at about. 10 Uz / ton (1) amount; 2) to discover new silver resources in existing reservoirs; and 3) a comprehensive silver- to identify and gold-rich target area, which is located just northwest of the deposit Torbrit and which is believed, that it is in communication with the zone Red Point, which has a geological analogy with Eskay Creek.

The program of 2013 builds on the significant work, carried out in the last two years, including diamond drilling 6.300 Meter, VTEM airborne geophysical- and ZTEM studies and an extensive About- and underground mapping and sampling. In 2012 began underground mapping, sampling and surveying in the deposit Torbrit at the level of 1.025 Foot (312,4 m), part of the 7 extensive mine workings and usable km underground tunnel is. This has to improve our understanding of the local governance of the high-grade silver mineralization as well as the structure- proven and layer structure of the deposits to be invaluable. In conjunction with the extensive historical exploration, the drilling- Mining information and have the data to the geological team led by Paul McGuigan, P.Geo, a very good understanding of the relationship of the volcanogenic massive sulphide system (VMS) negotiate with the existing silver deposits.

The geological interpretation suggests, that the volcanic unit, in the historic mining Torbrit is, forming an extensive layer, along strike from the target area by Dolly Varden from the target area to the North Star Torbrit target area over a strike distance of 1.500 Meters can be traced. From the model it can be seen, that this unit continues to the north-west to Musketeer and further below the area Red Point. It is expected, that the holes in the northwest increase the increasing probability of detection of mineralization type Eskay Creek towards Red Point.

The interpretation of the area Red Point is a great erzführendes Alterations System, comparable to the mineralized zone, which communicates with the metal-rich VMS deposit Eskay Creek, but to a much greater extent. Alteration in Red Point seems to be at least ten times as large as the alteration of Eskay Creek, suggesting a potentially massive and older VMS mineralized zone.

The program of 2013 begins with systematic holes along the bottom layer of Torbrit towards Red Point. Torbrit is the starting point for the field extension drilling program, the moves towards the Haupt-/Nebengangsystem, is suspected in Red Point. It is expected, that mineralization throughout, along the bottom layer of Torbrit towards Red Point but is variable. The contents, Widths and other structural information can now be determined only by drilling.

Sampling results from 2012

The following summary of the sample results of the program of 2012 indicates a greater volume in the range of silver Torbrit. Thus, the common view is further supported geologically to the entire Dolly Varden system.

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John King Burns, Chairman, expressed as follows: "The data from the silver sample, Drilling and surveying of 2012 allowed our team in combination with other geophysical and geochemical and structural data, The conceptual, create unified geological model of the target area and two potential, continuous, to identify different massive and mineralized sole layers. The second layer was sole of our drilling 2011 identifies and communicates with the reservoir in communication Wolf, which is located higher in the stratigraphy. This identification was only possible due to our extensive work, which gave us a very good understanding of the geology and structure of the building. In the last two years, our dedicated team has been able, Torbrit to define the target area with an expandable resource and as a "launch pad", can we check out of the resources of the silver Torbrit and develop and begin, to take the mineralized VMS system in Red Point systematic attack. We hope, that we can identify in Red Point with the holes a target area of ​​the size and type of Eskay Creek. Our drilling model allows us to define the silver mineralization in the course of work in the north to the target area Torbrit to identify the VMS mineralized zone, references to additional high-grade lead-, Zinc, Silver, copper- and gold deposits provided. Gentlemen, Start your drill. "

The Corporation's common shares are listed on the TSX-V under the symbol "DV" and in the U.S. under the symbol "DOLLF" and traded.

Qualified Person

The scientific and technical information in this press release have been Ron Nichols, P.Eng., President und CEO, Qualified Person as defined by National Instrument 43-101, reviewed and approved. The company has the NI 43-101 created compliant technical report on the Property Dolly Varden: „Technical Report Geology and Mineral Exploration of the Dolly Varden Property, British Columbia, Canada“ (Technical Report Geology and Mineral Exploration of the Property Dolly Varden, British Columbia, Canada) from 5. September 2011, revised version. The information regarding the results of sampling by 2012, among other things, able to, Azimuth and inclination of the drill holes, see press release dated 8. February 2013 under the heading "surfaces- and underground exploration at the mines Torbrit and Dolly Varden provided refer to significant levels of silver ". All technical reports and press releases are available on the SEDAR profile of the Company at


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Forward-looking statements or information are subject to numerous known and unknown risks, Uncertainties and other factors, which could cause, that could cause actual events or results to differ materially from those, set forth in the forward-looking statements or information. These include, among other things,: the additional capital requirement of the company about funding models and the risk, that these funds can not be applied; the speculative nature of exploration and development stages in the Company's properties; that the company can not confirm the historic resource to a sufficient degree, order to be categorized as mineral resources or mineral reserves; and that the corresponding expectations or models to Geology, Prove Mineralolgie or metallurgy is not right. This list is not all the factors enumerated, that could affect the forward-looking statements or information of the Company. The company has sought to, identify important factors, which may cause, cause actual results to differ materially. It can also lead to other factors, that the results not as expected, valued, failure described or intended. Readers are advised, not unconditionally reliance on forward-looking statements and information.

The forward-looking statements and information of the company based on the assumptions, Expectations and opinions of management on the date of this press release. Unless required by law, The company is not obliged, to update these forward-looking statements or information, if circumstances or management's views, Changing expectations and opinions of management or other events, affecting such statements or information, Change. For the reasons mentioned above, investors should not rely on forward-looking statements and information.

(1) There is insufficient work has been carried out by a qualified expert, to classify the historical estimate as current mineral resources, and the company does not treat these estimates as current mineral resources. A discussion of the key assumptions, Parameters and methods in relation to the historical resource estimate and a discussion of the relevance, Reliability and other information relating to the estimate in the Technical Report, Geology and Mineral Exploration of the Dolly Varden Property, British Columbia, Canada, from 5. September 2011, revised version, contain, which is available at under the Company's SEDAR profile.

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