China launches new satellite reconnaissance

China launches new satellite reconnaissance

08.05.2012 – China on Sunday 15.10 Its sensing satellite clock Tianhui I-02 from the Jiuquan space center in northwest China's Gansu Province has successfully placed into orbit.

The satellite, with the launch vehicle “Long March 2-D” started, has reached its preset orbit. A further, similar satellite, Tianhui-I, launched in August 2010 ins All.Der Satellit, by a company of the China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation (CASC) was developed and produced, is mainly used for scientific experiments. He'll look for natural resources and land survey, it said in a press release after the launch into space.
The remote sensing results and the test results of the satellite will promote China's scientific research and economic development, it said in the release.

The mission was for the 24. April 1970 the 161. Start for the missile range “Long March”. At that time led a rocket “Long March-1″ China's first satellite, the Dongfanghong-1, into space.

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