China has shown itself increasingly aware

China has shown itself increasingly aware

25.04.2012 – As China presented at the Hannover Fair as a reliable trade partner, growth in German industry, the discomfort over the giants from the Far East. Because the People's Republic continues its power an increasingly uninhibited. The West needs to be adjusted especially for raw materials on an even harder line. “We are just at the beginning of this development”, warnte Sven T. Marlinghaus, Partner in the BrainNet on global purchasing specialized consulting firm, Interview with Meanwhile, the industry responded by establishing a purchasing alliance.

Of the punches already, the German wind power- sing a song and solar industry. Just grow approach in China Wind Power Industry, warned of the TÜV Rheinland, this is one of the largest auditors in wind power and the world's largest certifier of photovoltaic systems. The PV display, China builds up quickly as technology skills. While a bankruptcy wave rolls over the German industry, China did not even within a decade, an industry with more than 400 Companies set up, judge of TÜV.

End of modesty

“This approach is typical of the Chinese industry- and trade policy”, ruled BrainNet Manager Marlinghaus talking to Local businesses would be maintained and nurtured by the state and the expansion of successes with competitive prices abroad. “Everybody is nervous - because China continues its power deliberately”. BrainNet himself 40 Employees in China and states in dealing with China on the western end of the industrial reserve.

The best example is the establishment of the Chinese Society of Rare Earths in early April. Zu dem Dachverband für Rare earth gehören 155 Business, including the major state-owned company Aluminium Corp of China and China Minmetals Corp.. “Of course, these companies supplying preferred”, explained the BrainNet Manager. The U.S., China accused Japan and the EU last March in a complaint at the World Trade Organization (WTO) the manipulation of the market.

Whether the newly formed Alliance of German industrial raw materials other hand, helps, must be seen. She has just been officially registered as a limited liability company. In her ten large corporations have been merged, as the Board explained in Berlin. The company wants to engage in both exploration and exploitation of natural resources around the world as well as the supply on international markets appear together, at “The decrease in bundle”, as it was.

The ten founding companies are mainly from car-, Chemistry- and heavy industry: Aurubis, BASF, Bayer, Bosch, Rockwood Lithium, Evonik, Georgsmarienhütte, Saar Stahlholding, ThyssenKrupp and Wacker Chemie. As more members are BMW and Daimler already fixed. Talks were conducted with approximately twice the number of interested parties. Prerequisite for membership are activities of the company in Germany.

German industry is a helpless

In fact, German industry has so far found no remedy for the Middle Kingdom, fuhr Marlinghaus fort. The lies and the fact, that they have still not adjusted to the new location - this was especially true for the increasingly important rare-earth.

Marlinghaus cited the case of a medium sized German car parts supplier, who wanted to remain anonymous: The last year had to raise prices for permanent magnets in hundreds of millions suffer for rare earths.

Manufacturers must participate in mine

Marlinghaus recommends buyers, strengthened to be present in the respective procurement markets on site. Market signals and structures were recognized better and faster. At present, was not enough to qualify, As for new technologies to future price shocks predict and compensate through proactive planning. Against sharp price fluctuations, buyers can secure for example by hedging. However, this happens far too often, as cooperation between the finance department and the shopping is often not optimally.

In addition, German companies would have to think long term and counter China's power through direct investment. They should acquire stakes in German companies mines or plantations. In fact, store only about one-third of the rare earths in China; are large deposits are mainly in Australia.

China is building a fleet of freighters

“China is clearly in the long-term strategic planning ahead of the West”, observed the manager. Beijing, for example, deliberately build a freighter fleet to transport the raw materials. In addition, the land purchase all shares of commodity companies.

This has got to feel just expansionism Argentina: Apparently the Chinese state company Sinopec joined together with the Spanish oil company Repsol. The Chinese wanted to buy the stake in the Argentine oil company YPF by Repsol, reported “Financial Times”. One reason was partly nationalized Argentine YPF.

More recycling needed

Another antidote to the Chinese buying spree for raw materials are recycled and recyclable closed circles, fuhr Marlinghaus fort. So it can not be, that unused cell phones lying around in drawers. In addition, producers must increasingly seek alternatives, especially for rare earths. Siemens, for example, search for substitutes for the substances in permanent magnet.

All in all, the BrainNet partner of industry recommended a thorough analysis of trade relations with China: “German Unterhemen underestimate the challenges, China to get through to them.”
( – Frank Lansky, with DAPD)

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