China's market share for rare earths decreases noticeably

China loses so important for the industrial rare earth ground: Four years ago, the country had just having a market share of 98 Percent a monopoly - now there is some competition.

China maintains the production of rare earths to its enormous market power, but slowly loses shares.

While 2010 more 97,6 Percent of high-tech metals had come from the People's Republic of, have the value 2013 on 92,1 Yielded percent, informed the Federal Institute for Geosciences and Natural Resources (BGR) following an assessment of the current world market numbers.

4,3 Percent were produced in the United States, 2,3 Percent in Russia.

Rare earth plug in devices like mobile phones, Flat panels or wind turbines, the industry is in dire need of it.

The production went back last world. 2009 were almost 133.500 Sponsored tons, 2013 only 90.500 Tons.

Search for new deposits

A strong price increase 2011 have led to, that was searched for sources outside China - are then over the world 440 discovered new deposits.

The currently known reserves are loud BGR at the current level of production for 285 Rich years.

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