Government negotiations successfully concluded with Mongolia

Government negotiations successfully concluded with Mongolia

Mongolia and Germany are its developmental cooperation in the areas sustainable resource management, Biodiversity and energy efficiency focus. This is the result of the Mongolian-German government negotiations, on 26. and 27. March 2012 took place in Bonn.

The Federal Minister for Economic Cooperation and Development, Dirk Niebel, From said the connection of the negotiations: “Mongolia is one of the most resource-rich countries in the world. It is crucial to, to use this wealth for the country's development. Commodity partnership with Mongolia aims to, to strengthen the participation of the Mongolian population in the dynamic economic development in Mongolia and while maintaining the biodiversity and the fragile ecosystem of Mongolia in the long term.”

Mongolia has, among other coal, Gold, copper, many minerals and ores, as well as so-called rare earths. These are, for example, for the manufacture of screens, Wind-power-of-lay, Energy saving light bulbs and medical equipment needs. With the help of a comprehensive partnership is the raw material Mongolia supports, the raw material for value-added projects to benefit the country and to ensure, that revenues actually work to development. To preserve biodiversity, a comprehensive program to protect ecosystems from over-grazing of Mongolian, Degradation and the effects of climate change and measures to increase the energy efficiency of.

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