Events: 18. Beak-Business Symposium

18. Beak-Business Symposium

New technologies in the Geosciences


27.04.2012 Freiberg – To 18. Beak time invites you to company after Freiberg colloquium. Are presented and discussed innovative technologies in the Geosciences.

This year is the range of topics geared to the efficient and results-oriented collection, Storage, Processing and presentation of geoscientific data and the networking of such firms, Institutions and educational institutions. Openness, Exchange of ideas and innovation are core ideas of the colloquium.
Specific topics include u.a. cooperation with international partners in resource exploration (Ore, Africa), the use of methods of artificial intelligence for data interpretation, The main activities of the Helmholtz-Institute for Resource and use of GIS technology – Technologies.

Focus of the symposium continues our products are of advangeo® Reihe: in addition to the basic module advangeo® prediction software sind das advangeo® erosion (Prediction of geohazards), advangeo®minerals (Prediction of raw materials), advangeo®3DIS (Attitude of 3D data).

Our newest product advangeo® field cap wurde zur schnellen und einheitlichen Erfassung von Geländedaten entwickelt. It provides continuous computerized processing of the projects of the data collection to analysis.

That advangeo®-Software is presented in two workshops in practice.
The colloquium will be held on 04. More 2012 in Freiberg, Business and Innovation Centre, On St. Niclas Schacht 13, instead of. Interested persons are invited.

Über Beak Consultants GmbH

Beak Consultants Ltd. is in the fields of geology, Raw materials, Environmental Protection, Contaminated site remediation, Planning and development of information systems and data collection / thematic mapping / geographic information systems in- and working abroad.
The company employs 39 Staff from the departments of Geosciences, Computer science, Cartography and mathematics.

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